Thursday, June 16, 2011


My Kind of Town...Chicago Museums

Now this could only happen to a family like ours
And only happen in a town like this
So may I say to each of you most gratefully
As I throw each one of you a kiss
This is...
My Kind of Town...Chicago

Thanks to Mr. Sinatra, he sums it up fairly nicely for us.  We had so much fun in Chicago.  So much fun that I have to separate all my posts about it, there is so much to remember and tell!  So today, we will focus on the museums that made our trip so fantastic.  

First Stop- The Shedd Aquarium
Brody loved to see all the amazing creatures of the Amazon, like this poisonous tree frog and the ginormous python.  
There was a hands-on aquarium to feel starfish and sea urchins.  Sissy loved the Beluga Whale.  It was definitely one of the best aquariums we have ever been to.
Next, the Field Museum.  Where we specifically wanted to meet Sue.
You know, Sue the dinosaur.
One of the most complete T-Rex's ever found.  It was an amazing site, as this Momma has never seen a full REAL dinosaur.  You know what I mean.....
Discovered in 1992 in South Dakota by a woman named Sue, they are not certain if it is a boy dino or a girl dino, so they just named her Sue.
And this is Sue's real head.  It weighed too much for the body to hold it up.
I promise you there was a ton more to see throughout this Natural History museum, including a mummy, several other fossilized creatures and the big question of "Where's Adam & Eve?" in the evolution display.  That was a fun one to answer.  And I fully did right there next to the Wooly Mammoth.
And on to the Adler Planetarium.  The kids had no idea what to expect here.  Mom's favorite was the "Night Stars" presentation where we looked at the "night" sky over Chicago and saw all the constellations.  I learned so much- did you know that the Big Dipper is not a constellation but part of a bigger one?  Do you know which one it is???  Tell me in your comment!! 
 (This one even my 4th grader knew!!)
The kids were able to "train" to be astronauts.
And drive moon rovers.  There were tons of hands on exhibits here to see.

We purchased the City Pass which gave us admission to 4 museums and the Sears Tower.  It saves you a TON of $$$ if you are planning on doing all the museums.

 I was sad that we didn't have time for the last one, the Museum of Science & Industry.  They have a huge model train that Brody would have loved to have seen.  Oh well, have to save it for our next visit. Oh yes, we will be back.

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Hallie said...

Very cool!! I loved getting to see Sue when she made a visit to Alaska a few years ago!! :)

Emmy said...

I grew up outside of Chicago and yes the museums are all amazing!!