Thursday, July 14, 2011


Gingerbread houses as big as....

Did someone say Gingerbread?


And we're not talking plain old gingerbread cookies & milk here today....

We're talking GIANT, Life-sized Gingerbread houses.  The kind that takes over 800 pounds of flour and 600 pounds of sugar.  uh huh.  Now that's a house!

And you can find it every Holiday Season at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort.  This was one house we were not going to miss!

We hopped on the monorail for the fun trip over to the Grand Floridian and the first thing we noticed in the ornately-decorated resort was the smell of gingerbread- I kid you not.  The beautifully constructed Gingerbread house sits in the lobby and takes your breath away.  An annual tradition (going on 12 years), this house takes weeks to bake, construct, & decorate all in time for the holidays.

Over 16 feet tall, the Grand Floridian bakers use a Austrian gingerbread recipe that calls for 1050 pounds of honey, 140 pints of egg whites, & 35 pounds of spices.  Oh, and a little bit of "Disney Magic" and a wee bit of "Pixie Dust"!

We loved looking at all the ornate details that are added into the house, such as the sugar-dusted window panes and golden hidden Mickeys.

What made it even more special was to discover that the house actually doubles as a store-front, selling gingerbread shingles, ornaments, and mini-houses.  Our favorite were the chocolate-covered shingles - we munched on those for a few days.

Just another example of how Disney pulls out all the stops to make the property so incredibly magical during the holiday season!  Make sure you take the time to visit this remarkable piece of edible art!


Connie Weiss said...

That is....amazing!!

MiMi said...

I bet I could eat that. :)

Anne Patrone said...

Holy cow! that is amazing. But seriously . . . no one would really want to eat that? right???