Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Tuesday Travel Tips (Air Travel)

As we are all still in full-swing travel mode for the summer, here are more great travel tips submitted by YOU!

The old adage...Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!
One of the things we were really glad we did, was taking our camelback (for cold drinking water all day long) and our own water spraying battery operated fans. We bought the fans at Academy before we left home and could periodically fill them up at water fountains in Disney throughout the day. This kept everyone cool and refreshed...at a fraction of the cost of the ones they sell there.
~ Hillary from Round Rock, Texas

Don't Toss that Fast Pass Away!
Remember that the fast passes are still good even after your time slot has passed. If you miss your window they'll still allow you to use the passes until park close the same day! 
~Ange from Round Rock, Texas

There's Gotta Be an App for that!
Always, ALWAYS check the status of your flight before leaving for the airport.  The last thing you want to do is get stuck at the airport with 2 kids waiting for a 3-hour delay in your home town like I did last summer!
~Julie from Reno, NV

A Giant Box of Nerds!! Yum!
I prepare a gift bag for each of my kids when we go on a plane ride. It has activity books, markers, snacks I don't ordinarily let them have, and other goodies i find at the dollar store.  It is a great way to keep the kids busy during a long flight.
~Debra from Olympia, WA 

Remember How Cute I was Smiling at You??
While waiting for the plane to take off, get your kids playing with the neighbors in front of and behind you. (Peek-a-boo anyone?). Your neighbors will be much more understanding of the seat-kicking and occasional tantrum if they have already seen them at their cutest!!
~Melissa from Oklahoma City, OK

Thanks for all the great travel tips!  We are always looking for your best travel tip ~ flying with a toddler ~ best snacks for the road trip ~ packing for 2 weeks ~ we want to hear from you!  Leave your tip below or email us at rebecca@rwethereyetmom.com


Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

Great tips!

Cindi@CrazyMomof4 said...

I didn't know that about the Fast Passes! Thanks!