Friday, September 16, 2011


Friday Daydreamin': 9.16.11

Hello and welcome to Friday Daydreamin'! I am off in the Big Apple today - actually LIVING OUT a daydream!   But that doesn't stop Friday Daydreaming from happening in bloggy land! Post a picture, tell us about it, and Link Up. 

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Our family LOVES the zoo! We love to meander around, looking at all the unique animals - we love to catch them being active and watching them in this "habitat".   Unlike the photo above.

This particular photo was taken at the San Antonio Zoo - a zoo that is near & dear to me as I visited it often as a child.  I love this photo as it shows my relaxed kiddo, happy to be hanging out with his momma, checking out the animals.  We had a fun day filled with spending 30 minutes in the butterfly room with butterflies landing all over us, to imitating all the crocodiles,  to brushing the goats in the petting zoo, to riding the train I rode as a child. It was a carefree day filled with new adventures for me & the kids.

Totally blissful!  Tell about your unique vacation and link up below!


Impulsive Addict said...

I LOVE the zoo! Emma Kate will be making her zoo debut this weekend with her favorite cousin who is the same age. I'm sooo excited!

That rhino looks sleepy!

Shawn said...

I've been to the San Diego Zoo before, it's a beautiful zoo. I love his total chill demeanor!

Chrissy said...

We love the zoo too!

AndreaLeigh said...

i'm sorry I didn't get to link up this week. i've been overwhelmed with all the stuff that has to get done before I start work on monday.

love the picture... B looks so close to the rhino!

Connie said...

I would like the zoo a lot more if they served beer.