Thursday, October 20, 2011


Friday Daydreamin': 10.21.11

WOW!!  Thanks to all of you, we had 17 Daydreams posted last week!!  I had more fun visiting all of your blogs and reading about so many cool locations last week.  Kid-friendly comedy clubs, kissing blarney stones, and hugging on the Rock were a few of the funniest ones I visited!!

I love that many of you are getting creative in your vacation-sharing - whether it be a dream vacation for an anniversary to Costa Rica or the beach that is 20 minutes from your doorstep - It gives me a chance to escape this hot Texas morning and daydream.  Thank you.

My hope is you are enjoying this meme as much as I do.

So, where are we off to today?
Today my daydreams are in the past.  

I have always loved traveling.  And my family has always loved it too.  Whether it be in a Winne with my grandparents heading to Disney World when I was a youngin', like in the above photo.  Or traveling the west one summer with my parents (we camped the entire summer!!), I know that my family instilled this sense of adventure in me from the very beginning.   

Where do your traveling roots start?

****NEXT WEEK!!  We will stray a bit from our usual vacation photos!  Post a picture of your favorite Halloween photo and tell us about it!! I can't wait!!

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Ready to Daydream your Friday away? It's simple!
1. Post your favorite vacation picture and tell us a little about it.  
2. Grab the "Friday Daydreamin'" button and link up your post below.
3. Visit some of the other amazing vacation photos that have linked up (and leave some comment love!)!
4. Let the Daydreamin' begin!


Impulsive Addict said...

I have to scan some more vacation pics into my computer so I'm out this week but have a great pic for next weeks Halloween post!!

I've never traveled in a winny. Isn't that so sad?

Lisa said...

When I was a kid I always thought that traveling in a winnebago would be the coolest thing but I never got to do it. Love the pic - looks like it was as much fun as I imagined it would be!

Connie said...

I always wanted to travel in one of those campers!!

Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

You were so cute! (I mean, you're still cute, but look at little you!!)

Date Girl said...

Oooh can't wait to see all the Halloween pictures!

I love your past picture! Reminds me of a motor home we had when I was little. I loved that thing!

Chrissy said...

My love for road trips and traveling starts when I was just a small child. We traveled across the country from Connecticut to Arizona to move...since then we have loved taking day trips and road trips and I am instilling that same love in my own daughter.

Steve said...

We spent a summer traveling around the west coast in a Winnebago when I was young. It instilled in me an appreciation for hotels.
It was where I first got the travel bug though, so I suppose it did it's job.

Jessica said...

Aren't you cute?!?! Love the winnebago.

Myya said...

I need more pics on my computer. Most are saved to discs & I just havent' found the time to go through them.

LOVE this picture of you, how cute are you!!!