Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Tuesday Travel Tips- Facebook Style

This past week, I reached out via Facebook to ask what everyone's Best Travel Tip was.  I got a ton of answers!!  Here are some of my favorites:

I have a travel bag always packed and ready to go.  No packing and unpacking things such as toothbrushes, hair spray, face wash, shampoo, etc.  We can leave on the fly anytime!

Don't over pack.  It's no fun to spend all your time fiddling with your stuff.  Pack lightly and enjoy the freedom.

We print up a name badge with kid's name, flight info, and parent's cel number and put it on a lanyard and kid's neck at the airport.  Helps everyone feel more secure.

We use the luggage tags they stick on our suitcases as sticky tape to remove hair/lint from your clothes.

Pack the iPad 3G and power up some Netflix!!

What's your favorite travel tip??  We want to know!  Leave it in a comment below or email us at rebecca@rwethereytmom.com

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