Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Tuesday Travel Tips: More Amazing Car Games

Tired of the kids zoned out to a movie or plugged into their iPods?  Pull the plug and get their juices flowing with these fun car games:

1. No No Words
Everyone decides on one word that can not be spoken, such as "Mom" or "I".  Then start a conversation while trying to trick one another into saying the "No, No" word.  When someone says the forbidden word, her gets a "P.P." (penalty point).  At the end of 10 miles (or an hour, a 1/2 day, etc.), count up the P.P.s; the one with the least wins.

2. News Reporter
Give your child a microphone to hold (it doesn't have to be a real one - he can turn a flashlight or a powder brush into a pretend microphone).  Ask him to report on what he sees out the window.  Encourage him to be precise yet imaginative, and to include not only stationary things he sees but experiences as well.  ("There's a turn off ahead for the "world's largest chair".  Tall Paul used to sit in this chair when he would......") You can each take turns at being the reporter and award an "Emmy" for the best broadcast.

3. Grandma's Toy Chest
This is a great game of memory - here's how to play: The first player says," In Grandma's toy chest, I found an airplane."  The next player says, " In Grandma's toy chest I found an airplane and a teddy bear." The third player adds an object and play continues until the sequence becomes too long for a player to remember.

4. Bright Night
This is a great game to play at night, especially when everyone is tired and you can't wait to reach your destination.  The object is to find things that are lit and keep score.  The one who calls out the most wins.  Look for street lamps, traffic lights, cars with only one light (headlights or brake lights), neon signs, store signs, the stars, the moon, etc.  You can spot and call out more than one of each.  For example, each time you see another lit motel sign, it counts as another score.

5. Next!
In this game, everyone must look straight ahead.  Each player must guess the color of the next car that will pass.  You get one point for each correct guess.  To add to the challenge, if you correctly guess a kind of car (bus, convertible, truck, mini van) you get an extra 3 points.

Have a fun car game?  Let us know in the comments below or send us an email at rebecca@rwethereyetmom.com. You may be featured in a upcoming Tuesday Travel Tips.


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walkingon travels said...

I can't wait until we can lay these games with Dek! Road trips will definitely be more fun for all of us.