Monday, November 21, 2011


Washington Beaches: Nothing Like Them!

 Growing up, I lived in Washington for a few years as a sullen, bratty tween (and no mom, you may not comment).  We lived on the Pacific Coast in a little town called Ocean Shores.  I would fall asleep to the sounds of the ocean, we were that close.  On the weekends, my parents would drag me through the Olympic Rainforest searching for hidden waterfalls, hiking up Mt. Rainier to play in the snow in August, or take us on a ferry ride over to Seattle but never take me to a mall (gasp...the horror, I know!).  As much as I acted like I was "bored", I loved every minute of it.  

Last fall,  as we planned our trip to the PNW, I was determined to "recreate" some of this fun for my family.  Unfortunately, October being one of the rainiest months, we had fewer options.  Can you believe certain parts of Mt. Rainier was "closed for the season"?  Didn't they know I was coming??  I love the rainforest, so a trip to the Olympic Peninsula was planned.

No one in my family had every seen the Pacific Ocean, so we planned a wonderful day at the beach. 
 We took a ferry from a town north of Seattle across the Puget Sound.  Having never been on a ferry, my kids loved it!!
We disembarked and drove to the Northeast corner of the peninsula, to a small town called Port Townsend.  Port Townsend is an absolutely gorgeous harbor city with Victorian buildings that beckon a summer crowd to shop their streets.  

Unfortunately, with a car full of non-shopping kids, we drown through the city to find the beach.  After all, we came for the ocean!
We actually stumbled upon Fort Worden State Park - which houses the remains for Fort Worden, a United States Army installation for the protection of the Puget Sound. Thee was this large bunker that we explored - it was so cool!! 

 But mainly, we just explored the beaches.
Being October, we had the beach to ourselves.  It was awesome.

As we took the ferry back home, I snapped this shot, my favorite from the trip.  My beloved Mt. Rainier with Seattle nestled in front.  It was the only day we could see it, so I took it in as much as I could.
It was a really incredible day to explore a new part of our country, breathe some fresh air, and spend quality time with the family.  In our hustle-bustle lives, we don't get much time for it anymore.

P.S. With this being Thanksgiving week, we will not have our normally featured Friday Daydreamin'.  We will be back  and ready to post next Friday, December 2.  Get ready to tell us about your favorite place to travel to for Christmas holidays - even if it is just staying at home!!!


Connie said...

I love the beach!

That last picture is breath taking!

Jessica said...

Fantastic Pictures!

Steve said...

Aren't tweens from Washington required to be sullen and bratty? I thought it was the "Twilight" rule?
I normally hate the beach, but having it all to yourself looks like a lot of fun.
Great shot of Mt. Rainier. Lucky just to get a shot without clouds and rain blocking it.

Impulsive Addict said...

Your pictures are always so so pretty! You should be like a part time photographer and mix it in with all of your other duties. You can never be too busy, right?

Elizabeth Willis said...

You lived in Ocean Shores?! I love that place!! When we lived in WA we would go in August. A few years ago we went Christmas day. Of course it's freezing- I don't know many days of the year the WA beaches aren't cold but it was so much fun!!