Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Not Just Christmas in America!

China? Yes!  France? Oui! Morocco? Uh huh. Mexico? Si!  
         One of my favorite parks in The World is Epcot.  Not only were there fantastic rides (Soarin and Mission Space were our favs!), but we took a long walk around the World Showcase and were able to see 12 countries in less than 3 hours.  And the best part about it?  All the countries were celebrating Christmas in their traditional ways, so we leaned a little along the way!

And where else can you enjoy a beer in England and a margarita in Mexico all in the same day?  Played with drums in Zimbabwe, watched trains in Germany, and spun plates in China....all in the same day.  Yes, we walked 10,000 miles, but it was worth it!!











Steve said...

First, let me say that the Japan picture has to go. Try scrolling back and forth past it a few times...it's dizzying (but secretly I like it and I keep going back to scroll past it again).
We didn't get very far into the pavilion part of Epcot when we were there, and I really regret it. Looks like a lot of fun!

Emmy said...

I don't think many people could say they did 9 countries in two minutes :)

Perfect song for the video. I have never been to Epcot but definitely want to go someday

Lisa said...

Great photos! We'll be at Epcot this holiday season (my kids don't know yet cause that's their Christmas present)and I can't wait!

MiMi said...

This makes me so jealous that I'm pretty sure that there's an express lane right into hell for me.

Date Girl said...

Ok you've convinced me, this is definitely a theme park I would visit! And I love the song you picked. Love me some Cash!