Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Come Along on a Cache with us!

All this talk about Geocaching and I haven't actually shown you what we can do yet.  Well, now's your chance.

We are going to take you on a little hunt with a cache called "Let's Make Some Noise".  For those of you in Central Texas who want to do this cache, look away.  But fear not, there are literally thousands of caches  around here......

So, let's hop onto and look up caches around our area.
"Let's Make Some Noise" sounds perfect for me and the kids!  First, I will down load it into my Garmin.   If you are using a GPS-enabled mobile app, you can skip this step.  Next,  I'm going to grab my oldest who loves deciphering the codes, note the one under additional hints.

So we determined that it says, "square-ish camo container".  Got it.

Let's head out!  The coordinates take us to a nice trail in our neighborhood.  Who would have ever thought there would be a cache on a trail we walk on all the time??  So cool!!

We stop half-way down the trail, thanks to our Garmin letting us we are less than 5 feet from the location.  Now the hunt begins.  Though it really wasn't much of one for my girl.......
 She found it right away though this tiny hole in a tree.  Go around on the backside, and we find this:
 This one has a nice sticker on it, to notify Muggles what it is....a harmless game piece.  Not all have these, mind you.
The kids who finds it, gets to open it!

 Mom gets the boring part - signing the logbook.
 While the kids root through the trinkets to find what they want to trade.  Remember, don't take a trinket unless you have one to leave behind!
 Anyone figure out yet why it's called "Let's Make Some Noise?"
Lastly, we put it back exactly how we found it so other geocachers can enjoy the hunt as much as we did!

I really hope we have inspired you to try Geocaching with your family.  It is a fun, inexpensive game to play at any age!  Make sure you tell us how your geocaching adventure goes!  We'd love to feature it!

This is Part 3 of our 3-Part Series on Geocaching.  Make sure you read What's This Thing Called Geocaching?  and Geocaching: Tricks of the Trade.


MiMi said...

Okay, that's a FUN cache!!

Colleen said...

I have heard about this a few times, and really want to do it. You may have tipped the scales for me. It looks awesome.

But when...?

Steve said...

I was really rooting for some candy in the cache, then I realized all the problems inherent with that. That's why Dad's aren't left in charge of these things.
I wonder how many cache's I've walked past without ever knowing it?

Impulsive Addict said...

Did you do a post on this from your other blog? These are different pictures but I SWEAR I knew about this.

Anyway, I've always thought this sounded like so much fun! When Emma gets older, we'll do it. I love doing anything outdoors!

Impulsive Addict said...

Nevermind. I just scrolled down. I got it!!! HA. I'm slow.