Thursday, February 16, 2012


Friday Daydreamin': Still in LOVE!

Well Valentine's Day has come and gone....a day full of LOVE in this house....but we are NOT done talking about places we LOVE over here!! After all, February is the Month of Love, right??

It is time once again to show us a place you LOVE on Friday Daydreamin'! We want to see your favorite vacation spot that you would LOVE to go back to.  We want to see a place you love to go and relax at.  We want to see the place you LOVE to get a homemade slice of pie us the LOVE!!!

And speaking of pie....

I want to show you one of my favorite meals that I LOVE getting whenever we visit my in-laws in Springfield, IL.  

I present, the Horseshoe:
 Before you say EWWWWW - stick with me.

What is it?
Texas Toast
loaded with your choice of meat - I like ham
covered with crinkle fries (must be crinkly in my book)
topped with a wonderful cheese sauce.
This particular guy was a "Pony shoe" - half version of a horseshoe.

Yes, it's a heart attack on a plate.  Yes, I know it doesn't look appetizing (to you maybe).  But gosh, I love this dish. It tends to be one of our first meals when we head back to Illinois.

This past summer, I tried many shoes (we were visiting for 4 weeks, I had time....)

And two of my other favorites included this guy:
 jalapeno cheddar corn bread, BBQ pulled pork, sweet potato fries and a pepper-jack cheese sauce.

y'all, I have dreams about this dish.  seriously.

And then there is this cutie:
toast, scrambled egg, hammor bacon, gravy AND cheese sauce topped with hash browns.  

looks disgusting right??  so delicious.

I'm making y'all see me in a new light huh??

Face it, I do LOVE food - and I really LOVE trying the "local dish".  But the horseshoe tops them all - my favorite "vacation" food!

Now show us what you LOVE!!!  Link up with us!

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Mary @ The World Is A Book said...

YUM on all three but my screen froze on the Gourmet Shoe. That looks so delicious! I would be dreaming about it too.

Steve said...

Definitely the Gourmet Shoe! I've just finished eating and I still want to go out and order one of those. I need to spend some time in Illinois!

Our Mom Spot said...

Wow....looks SO yummy (naughty!)

Nadine Hightower said...

mmmmm... cheese. Life is just soooo much better with cheese melted on it. And food.

Lisa said...

Wow - so why is it called a horseshoe??

Sabrina - Country Skipper said...

These look so good!! I think my favorite would have to be the pulled pork. And sweet potato fries with that? How can you beat it?!

Impulsive Addict said...

I would kill for ANY of it!!! I love me some greasy food thatis sure to cause a heart attack!!!! Mmmmm...I'm hungry now...

MiMi said...

Um. I'm not "ewwwing!" I wanna eat it!

Jessica said...

I think that would be good, but it looks so foreign that I'm not sure.:)

InACents said...

The Gourmet Shoe looks amazing! I may have to try making this at home.

jade said...

okay- these look incredible! I mean, anything covered in cheese like that has a really special place in my heart! YUM!