Monday, February 6, 2012


Texas Travels.....Spring Break Edition

Staycation, all I ever wanted....

That is how the song went, right?

Well it is in our house this Spring Break.  And this momma is kinda excited about it.  Staying home for a full week with the kids out of school gives us the perfect opportunity to explore and visit some great Texas places....places that have been on our bucket list for years!

This Texas Girl loves local stuff...and though we have seen a lot of it already, there is still more to see.

I get asked a lot "What can I do with my kids around here?".  So as an answer to that, R We There Yet Mom? is going local for a few weeks.  Please forgive the minor detour, but I wanted to show Texas families (and those of you who might like to visit THE BEST STATE one day) just how much there really is to do here.

But don't leave us yet!!  Please still visit - you're going to want to find out all about the "whistling rock" that lies quietly in Central Texas.  Or where you can find the BEST BBQ in the state.  Find out the coolest way a cavern was discovered, how the best ice cream in the world is made, or the unique stone our State Capitol was built out of.  Lastly, don't you want to know exactly what Elvis Bark is...or what President LBJ's favorite song was.....or what chocolate covered bacon tastes like?

Ya know ya do!
Starting this week, we will be featuring Texas Travels - Spring Break Edition.  Don't worry, everyday won't be a Texas Day, but come back anyway!  And for those local to the state, if you have a great idea of a place that needs to be featured, or a place you have been here that you would like to feature, please email us at  We would love to feature you!


MiMi said...

Staycations are fun when you live someplace that has cool stuff!! :)

Steve said...

Let's get on with that "World's Best Ice Cream" story shall we? I'm waiting on that one!

Connie said...

Great idea!!