Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Art on the Green at Laguna Gloria ~ Austin, Texas

 It's not often you can get your kids to realize that "art" and "fun" can go together well.  But after playing a round of Putt-putt golf at the "Art on the Green" exhibit at AMOA-Arthouse at Laguna Gloria, we proved that theory wrong!

Austin artists, architects, and landscape architects designed ten interactive mini-golf holes that are quirky, funny, and will delight every age.  Nine holes are located on AMOA-Arthouse at Laguna Gloria's picturesque grounds while a special 10th hole can be found in the downtown lobby of the Jones Center.
 With Art as the Holes, you need to take your time on each one and admire the thought, the creativity, and the fun that went into each one of them.
 The grounds of Laguna Gloria couldn't be more beautiful a setting for a exhibit like this.  With this Spring proving to be a beautiful one, I couldn't think of a better afternoon with the family.
 Of course, the exhibits are there to delight and amuse you - as hole Number 7, Boozefox, make all my kids go "ewwwwwwww".
 The amount of detail that goes into each hole is amazing too.  You need to take your time with each one to appreciate all there really is to see.

While you are there, make sure to spend some time appreciating the beautiful grounds and exhibits AMOA-Arthouse has to offer.  As my kids weren't too enthralled with the art, they were fascinated with the gorgeous peacock wandering around the grounds!
This exhibit lasts only until May 20, 2012. Make a plan to get out and enjoy it while you can.

Texas Travel Facts for AMOA-Arthouse Art on the Green at Laguna Gloria:
Location: 3809 W. 35th St Austin, Texas
Hours: Tuesday 12 - 8 pm
           Wedensday 12-4 pm
           Thursday-Sunday 10-4 pm
Admission: Non-Members: Adults - $8, 12 & under - $4
                   Members: Adults - $4, 12 & under - $2
                   50% off Twilight Tuesdays 4-8 pm
Recommended Time: 1 hour
Good to know: Wear comfortable, rubber-soled shoes as there is a bit of walking; weekends are busy and you may have to wait on each hole

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Steve said...

Recommended time 1 hour? You've obviously never golfed with me. Even 9 holes of putt putt is at least a half day outing with my putting skills.
"Boozefox" is hilarious.