Thursday, April 26, 2012


Ms. Ange's Music with Mar ~ Austin, Texas

 I used to be a working momma and never had opportunities to try fun classes with my children until Child #3 came along.  Having stayed at home with #3, I love taking him to try different programs & classes that are available in our community.

We haven't had the best of luck - let's just say that #3 is not the child that sits still with his hands in his lap, sweetly listening to the story (that was Child #1).  And when we got dirty looks from the mommas at the Library Story time because I couldn't get him to stop running around the room, zooming like an airplane, I knew that wasn't the place for us.

So I was hesitant to try a "music class", but my friend talked me into trying a weekly "Music with Mar" class held in Round Rock.  It was exactly what #3 needed!
 Music with Mar teaches to the "whole child using music" and provides interactive movement & music classes for the parent and the child.  Though silly songs, instrument play, dancing, and listening, children are getting a good music AND academic foundation.
Ms. Ange creates a wonderful environment that invites you to play with your child.  As a former teacher, Ms. Ange knows how to interact with the children and gets them to join in the fun quickly. We danced, and songs and giggled through the entire 45 minute class. 
 My son loved the instruments and puppets.  I loved the helpful tips Ms. Ange provides the parents... "When your child can step & clap, they are showing signs of reading readiness."
The classes are so affordable too!  Only $7 per family - so yes, if you have 3 kiddos, it will only be $7 - where else can you get quality, educational fun like this?  Ms. Ange also provides a 5 class punch card for $30 and is offering no expiration right now.

 Ms. Ange's Music with Mar classes are held twice a week in Round Rock:

Wednesdays @ 9 am
106 E Old Settlers Blvd. Ste D-100
Round Rock, TX 78664

Thursdays @ 10 am
The Book Spot
1205 Round Rock Ave #119
Round Rock, TX 78681

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Steve said...

Ummm, music and bubbles?
Is there an adult version of this class I can take?