Thursday, May 31, 2012


Cake-A-Doodle ~ Austin, TX

 I had a ton of questions regarding this adorable cake we had made for my youngest son's birthday party, so I thought I'd do what I do about it!!   After all, I love sharing a great find with all my friends!!  Cake-A-Doodle is an awesome find!!

I wanted something different for my sweet boy's 3rd birthday - not a typical store-bought cake (not that there is anything wrong with a store-bought cake, but sometimes you just want to do something creative!).  I did a little research online and came across Cake-A-Doodle's fun website.

Cake-A-Doodle had some amazing cakes - especially a fun swimming pool cake - and I knew they could make me something FUN!  I'm not too picky but I also don't give a lot of detail about what I want, so that can either be a blessing for the cake artist....or not.  Luckily, all I had to do was say "Very Hungry Caterpillar" and I had five pictures emailed to me the very next day.

Jhoana, our amazing cake artist, was so easy to work with and came up with an absolutely precious design:
 The details are what amazed me - from the holes in the fruits to the caterpillar's body, you can tell that a great deal of time was spent on making it a perfect cake.  Everyone oohed & ahhhed over it.

So then the real question is "how did it taste?"  Ah-mazing!  Since it was a toddler party, we asked for a white cake with a white-buttercream frosting.  There was a hint of citrus flavoring that made it unique and delicious.  Fresh as can be.
I can't recommend an easier cake artist to work with, who does amazing designs.  Please check her out. I just love supporting a momma's dream, especially one they are so good at! Thanks Jhoana & Cake-A-Doodle!

(512) 516-5247

Cake-A-Doodle graciously supplied the gorgeous cake, however all opinions are definitely my own.

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Impulsive Addict said...

That cake was just precious. I just sent this info to my Austin friend! She has a 2 year old. =)