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Top 10 Reasons to Go to Schlitterbahn ~ New Braunfels, TX

Schlitterbahn.....what?? If you google it, the word translates to "slide" or "slippery road" in German.  Either one fits this FUN water park down in New Braunfels, Texas. Continuously on the "World's Best Water Parks list" and the largest water park in Texas, Schlitterbahn does not disappoint!

Being that we have been twice in the first 3 weeks of summer break, we love Schlitterbahn, but for those sititing on the fence, here are 10 easy reasons why you should go this summer!

1. One admission price and NOTHING ELSE - no parking fees, free buses to other parks, use life jackets & tubes all day for no fee, and, my favorite....bring all the food you want!  Seriously, pack your cooler with lunch, snacks, and more (minus glass bottles and alcohol).  Park your stuff, lay out your table cloth and eat when you want.
2. Four Separate Parks - We love that between the 4 areas of Schlitterbahn (Tubenbach, Surfenburg, Blastenoff, and the Original Schlitterbahn), there is fun for everyone.  I personally love all the long tube rides under the shade trees at the Original, while my kids love the thrill rides at Blastenoff.

Plus we feel that because there is so much to offer guests at 4 locations, it tends to thin the crowds out a bit.
3. Park Your Stuff & Go.  I know I already told ya that one, but seriously, pick a spot everyone remembers, lay out your towels and go play. There are locker rentals for valuables, but we never use one.  We feel that comfortable.
4. This cool new ride.  The Falls is so fun!  It's long and takes you from one park to another and back around. Best part?  There is NO line to wait to get on and multiple places to get on and off - I would have gone round and round all day if my kids would have let me......
5. Long rides with no lines.  My favorite kind.  No lie, my kid waited an hour to ride one quick ride, but that was his choice and he felt it was "worth it".  But this momma doesn't want to wait in lines all day for rides that last less than one minute, so I enjoy all the long tube rides that are scattered through out the park.  Hop on & off The Falls, go round & round the lazy river, or tube down the Hillside and into the Comal River at the Original - there is no line!
6. Friendly, Friendly Staff - From the Lifeguards helping push you around the tube rides to the guest services representative helping you find your pair of Maui Jims after you stupidly wore them on an water ride (hello?), everyone we encounter was extremely helpful and nice.  BTW, I received a phone call the next morning that they found my sunglasses at the bottom of a pool and they mailed them to me free of charge!!
7. COLD Natural Spring Water - A BIG reason why I love the Original Park so much is the water is so refreshing and cold!  In our HOT Texas summer, you want cold.  Trust me.
8. Thrill rides to excite your Olders.  Every park has different rides to make your pouty tween smile and thank you for taking them here!!
9. Perfectly tame water fun for the Youngers.  Everyone of the four parks have fantastic play areas for the little ones.  I was very doubtful about taking my 3 year old and was so pleasantly surprised at how much there was for him to do! Moms of little ones - come back tomorrow, as I'll tell you why you should take your wee ones to Schlitterbahn too!
10. You look like a hero to your kids! 'Nuff said!

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Texas Travel Facts for Schlitterbahn:
Location: 305 West Austin Street, New Braunfels, TX
Hours: Summer Schedule Varies- click here 
Admission: Ticket Prices vary - online or at HEB is your best bet 
Recommended Time: ALL DAY!! 
Good to know: Sunscreen it up - lots of unshaded areas; bring a cooler (no glass or alcohol); lockers are available for valuables; get there early; weekdays during the summer are less crowded

My family and I were invited to visit the water parks and were provided admission. I was not financially compensated for this post.  All opinions of the Schlitterbahn are strictly my own based on my experience. 

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