Monday, September 10, 2012


10 Tips to Experience a Longhorns Game with Kids ~ Austin, Texas

This weekend we experienced something we have been wanting to do for years....we took our kids to their first college football game.  Why wait so long?  To be honest, I didn't think they would want to go.  I'm not the biggest football fan - ok, not a fan at all - but when we asked them if they wanted to go, they jumped at the chance.

I am so glad we took them!  We had such a fantastic time.  I am kicking myself for not taking them sooner.  So for any of you that have wanted to go to a game but are unsure if it is feasible with a family, this article is for you.

Here are 10 Indispensable Tips to Experience a Longhorn Football Game with Kids:

1. Tickets Longhorn Football tickets can be pricy, so search around for a good price (or score some free ones from someone you know).  Ideally, try to get tickets when they are offered through the Scouts or Sporting Clubs in the beginning of the season.  We grabbed our through a Boy Scout promotion and only paid $30 a ticket for great seats.
2. Seats When picking your seats, think of what works best for your family.  On the hot evening games, you are going to want to sit on the west side of the stadium, so you can avoid the setting sun.  The aisles are long, so try to get seats that are closer to the end of the aisle, especially if you have wriggly kids who might need to visit the bathroom a few times.

3. Parking We choose to park in a UT Public Parking Garage ($15) and had a 15 minute walk to the stadium.  Of course, for the right price, there are lots that are closer.  Regardless, put comfortable shoes on your kiddos and yourself and be prepared to walk.
4. Dress the Part Burnt Orange baby....even if you did not go to the University of Texas, embrace the colors for the game and dress your kiddos up! If you don't have anything, there are plenty of stores at the stadium to grab a t-shirt, pom-pom, or even a 'horns tattoo.

5. Enjoy the Pre-game Atmosphere Try to get down to the stadium a few hours before the game begins to enjoy all the festivities.  If you know someone tailgating, stop on by.  There were kids everywhere at the ones we passed by - so family friendly!  Outside the stadium, sponsors have tents with fun games going on - Southwest had us throwing footballs for fans.  And there is always something special going on at the home games - the night we went, the Alumni band marched on the north end of the stadium.
6. Food Food & Drink are not allowed into the stadium, so either come to the game full, or being some cash.  There are lots of choices ~ Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, & BBQ, as well as your typical stadium food.  What kid doesn't like an over-salted pretzel and a frozen Lemon Chill for dinner??  Don't judge me.....

7. Teach your kids the songs & chants ahead of time My kids enjoyed "hook 'em", singing the "The Eyes of Texas" and chanting along with the crowd.  They excitedly jumped every time the cannon fired and were thrilled to see BEVO.  And this momma got chills when the Texas Flag was unrolled (the World's Largest thankyouverymuch) and "Deep in the Heart of Texas" was played.  We loved the traditions.
8. Go Early for the Pre-Game Warm up Head to your seats early if your kiddos are football fans. You can watch all the players warming up and jam to the music.  Also, you will be there in time to see the band come on the field (my favorite part).

9. What can you bring? A few suggestions to make your evening more comfortable - You may bring chair backs, seat cushions, and blankets (the later the season, you might need this!).  Additionally, binoculars are fun for the kids to see things up close and can keep them busy if they get wriggly.

10. Join the Longhorn Kids Club If you find you have a fan on your hands, you can enroll them in the Longhorns Kids Club.  For only $20, your kiddo will get a t-shirt, free admission to more than 100 home UT events, a quarterly newsletter, a birthday card and more.  For kids in the 8th grade and below. Find out more here.

Enjoy the game. Embrace the traditions...even if you are not an alumn, your children are going to experience a special event and be introduced to college fanfare.  Our kids are already asking to go again.

As of 9/10/12, there are six home games left of the 2012 Longhorns Football season.  Click here for more information.


Leigh Ann said...

Fun! I haven't been to a game since my sophomore year. I still get a little teary when I hear the Eyes of Texas.

Shellie said...

Can you please revise your post to be "10 Tips to Experience Longhorn Football with Kids AND an Aggie Husband?". He rolls his eyes whenever I suggest we go. LOL. Great tips though. I didn't know you could get cheaper tickets through Scouts and other orgs!

Sarah @Toddler Summer said...

Great tips! Makes me want to go to a game...even with my kids!