Thursday, October 11, 2012


Friday Daydreamin': Fall in Texas

Happy Friday friends! Time for Friday Daydreamin'! My favorite day of the week as I get to armchair vacation through all of your lovely photos!!

We had our first "real" batch of chilly weather this week, making us feel like Fall is officially here in Texas.  We were out playing both a football and soccer games huddled in jackets and blankets and gloves.  Wanna know what the temperature was??  Don't laugh  - it was 55.  But you northern folks have to understand - that's winter for us!!! 

That said, it's back up in the 80s now - a typical Fall for us.  We relish the sunny yet "cool" days and get out and explore.  And I came across this photo of us exploring in East Texas several years ago.  We took an all day ride on the Texas State Railroad.  
It was a fantastic day with a long train ride in the piney woods of East Texas. We enjoyed a picnic lunch and played around in the train yard for a bit.  I captured this photo of the kiddos walking the rail, just like there dad.  It will always be a great day of escaping the city and spending it together as a family - the perfect Fall Day.

What's your idea of a perfect Fall Day?  Post a picture and link it up here with us this week on Friday Daydreamin'.  And then take some time to hop around and enjoy other fantastic blogs that have linked up too.

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Mary {The World Is A Book} said...

Happy Fall season, Becca! That is a cute picture of the kids following their dad. 55 degrees is cold for us Californans too :) A perfect Fall day is going to the mountains and seeing some color with apple picking.

Michele @ Malaysian Meanders said...

We were cold this summer in Austin when it got down to 75 one night. Silly us. It still feels like summer here, and I'm dreaming about wearing long sleeves. That East Texas railroad outing sounds like a great day.

Tracy said...

We're in New Zealand and after some glorious spring days (southern hemisphere!) with the sun out and us playing in short sleeves today is 44 degrees, wet and snow's predicted for tomorrow. So right about now that photo of you all walking along in the sun in short sleeves looks glorious! Such a cute family photo.

Lisa from Gone With The Family said...

Love that pic and your idea of fall weather! I had to watch a soccer tournament today in weather that was only a few degrees above freezing and there was wind chill. I'm still shivering!! Happy Weekend!!

Steve said...

You guys keep telling me to come to Texas in the winter when I'm tired of the cold up here, but right now we're warmer than you. Guess I'll have to put that Texas trip off a little longer.
Love the picture, especially with your kids being so little. Now they'd probably race around Dad because he's moving too slow.

eileen @ FamiliesGo! said...

whenever I see a photo like this it makes me think of Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck. "Train Tracks, eh? You must be trying to catch a train."

Anonymous said...

Adorable photo, and I love how your kids are imitating your husband! We had a perfect fall day yesterday as the clouds cleared, and we picked out our pumpkin under sunny blue skies. We were out in the country too so plenty of trees with beautiful orange and yellow leaves.

Sonja said...

We just got our first fall chilly weather here in California too - and a little rain, which is always welcome!

Nancie said...

Love this shot, Becca. Fall has definitely arrived on the ROK. Days are sunny and cool and even cooler at night. No daylight savings time here, so it is getting dark earlier and earlier every day.

When I was in junior high I used to walk the tracks to school everyday!

Theresa said...

I love fall and the chance to do different activities and travel like foliage viewing while enjoying the cooler weather.

Thanks for joining our Family Travel Friday blog hop!

Safe travels!

Mrs. Match said...

I'm so ready for a nice cool crisp fall day. We had one and it was such a tease! But the nights are cooling off and it feels awesome. The ac hasn't come on in over a week, wahoo!