Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Ghost Town ~ Manor, TX

Just 12 short miles east of Austin sits a spooky & scary old Ghost Town......
Nah, not really, but it sure looks like one!
J.Lorraine Ghost Town, located in Manor, Texas is about as close as we will get to a real one though!  For a real one, you have to go out West...try Nevada!
But the J Lorraine Ghost Town is a FUN place to explore with the family.
There is a rich history of this ghost town though.  According to Roadside America, when the current property owner started working on the land, he kept unearthing old pieces & planks of wood.  When he realized that there was some significance to all the wood, he did some research and found out that in the late 1800's a township of about 500 people, named J. Lorraine, sat on the very site.  Two different stories are told on how the town met with it's demise - a deadly hurricane or an angry mob from a competing town burned it down - and the citizens left behind packed up and moved.

The owner decided to rebuilt J. Lorraine with the wood he had uncovered and strange things began to happen once he had.  Strange voices out of nowhere, noises, and the distinct smell of pipe smoke was noticed as if the townspeople had moved back in.
Today, the town is used in movies & tv shows, rented out for events & weddings, and hosts Friday and Saturday movie nights.  They also offer free live music on select nights and have an upcoming race at the end of this month.
If there is not an event going on, the J. Lorraine Ghost Town is availble for you to wander around and explore.  And that's exactly what we did.
We enjoyed wandering through buildings......
Stopping for fun photo opps....
And even getting "caught" in Jail......

We heard there is a Maze, but it was under construction while we were there.
The J. Lorraine Ghost Town is a fun place to visit & explore!  Especially this time of year.......

Texas Travel Facts for J. Lorraine Ghost Town:
Location: 14219 Littig Road, Manor, TX
Hours: Open everyday to explore unless it is reserved - check the Event Schedule
Admission: FREE
Recommended Time: 30 minutes 
Good to know: Fun to explore; restrooms available; food & drinks available on the weekends; No outside food or drink


MiMi said...

That looks fun!!!

Anonymous said...

What did the church (the building with the steeple/cross) look like on the inside? Thank you!

Do you think this would be a good place to get married?