Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Nannies From the Heart ~ Austin, TX

Some people come into your lives at just the right moment.  Right when you need them the most.  Rubi was that person for us.  Rubi brought calm to our chaotic household. Rubi put the best smiles on our kiddos faces.  Rubi gave us peace of mind.  Rubi was a part of our family.  And we adore her.
After the birth of our son, we needed a change in childcare for him & our 2 year old daughter.  Very quickly we decided we wanted to try a nanny in our home.  And we needed one like now......

Luckily, I found a wonderful Nanny Agency where we lived at the time who was able to help us out.  They calmed this nervous, new momma down and brought me the most wonderful candidate within 24 hours.  We were blessed with Rubi from the very beginning and like I said, she became a part of our family.

I strongly feel that our experience would not have been as favorable had we not worked with such a reputable and dependable agency.  When hiring someone to care for your children, you want the best from start to finish, which includes an agency that finds the best candidates and provides you with the best hiring experiences.

That agency here in Austin, is Nannies From the Heart.  Nannies From the Heart work with their clients step by step to help you find the ideal person for your family.  They provide you with candidates who have gone through background and reference checks, so that you can focus on whether they are a good fit with your children.

Additionally, Nannies From the Heart provides you with ongoing support throughout the relationship.  If your nanny is unavailable for even a day, they will provide you with a fill-in with no additional fees (as a member).

Even if you do not have a need for a nanny, Nannies From the Heart has a unique Sitting Service that any family could benefit from.  When I first moved to the area, finding a dependable babysitter was difficult and I really wish I had known about Nannies From the Heart's program. As a part of their program, they will find a reputable sitter for you within a 24-hour notice.

I spoke with a mom who uses this service and she had nothing but wonderful things to say about it.  She loves the fact that she can book a sitter online (even from her phone while out at the store) and hear back by the end of the day if the job is confirmed.  She can view profiles of nannies, read reviews, and request who she would like to have with her children.  This mom always requests the same sitter because she has developed a relationship with her and her kids adore her.  They prefer her over the neighborhood teenager.  Having a dependable babysitter gives you peace of mind to enjoy your evening out.  

Nannies From the Heart is owned & ran by moms, who have the same concerns as you and compassion for your child's care.  This is evident by the time they take with nanny placement and sitting services.  If in need, I encourage you to give them a call!


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