Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Plug & Play ~ Austin, Texas

 Have you heard of this place?

No, it's not a place to "plug" into video games and play all day - that was what my 10 year old son thought and couldn't wait for me to take him.....

Nope, it's an AMAZING resource for working parents that frankly, I'm jealous I didn't think of it first!!!

Plug & Play is the only licensed child care center with a parental workspace in Austin.  It's a great place for working moms & dads to work in a quiet space while their little one is nearby, being lovingly cared for by a licensed daycare professional.

When you walk in, it's a professional office, decorated beautifully....this isn't a daycare! 
 But a few steps away, in the "Play Side", tons of fun is going on! Children age 6 weeks to 5 years old are welcome and separated by age.  Everything is clean, neat, brightly colored, with so many fun activities planned.

This is not just a "play crazy" place.  Organized activities are planned all day long with a posted schedule online so you know what your child will be experienceing - Art, Music, Games, Reading - all within a Theme for the week and month.

Plug & Play also offers Flex Preschool - For a monthly rate, you can choose from 2 morning or one afternoon preschool class.  It is a brilliant scenario for working parents.

I was very impressed with the organization of it all.  My son walked in at the beginning of music time and was welcomed with open arms. We stayed for close to 2 hours, where he did a craft, read stories, ate lunch and had fun!

The "Work Side" has several different workspaces to choose from - tables out in the open, cubicles that face the wall, cubicles that close with a curtain and even a completely private office for phone calls or teleconferences.  

Plug & Play also has a gorgeous conference room to rent - perfect for companes that run their business out of their home - a great place for employees to meet face to face.

I found the work side to be quiet - the perfect atmosphere to get work done.

 So what did I do those 2 hours?  I got more done than I ever would at home.  I returned emails, wrote a story proposal, and edited photos.  It would have taken me twice as long to get it done at home.

Here was my "office" for the time.  Isn't it beautiful?

Join as a member and come anytime, with access to printers, fax machines, coffee & snack bar, and even a refrigerator & microwave for your lunch.  Membership rates are very reasonable.  Also, if you need to leave the facility to go to lunch or for a meeting elsewhere, you can leave your child as they are a licensed day care provider.

Plug & Play also offers Parent's Night Out and hosts several fun educational nights.  Check their calendar for more info.

I loved my time at Plug & Play - it was a perfect way for my little guy to get some fun playtime in and for me to get some work done without feeling the guilt.  So excited this a place like this is available here in Austin - you must try it out!

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Sharon Bayliss said...

I <3 this place! Maybe I'll see you. My sons and I are there on Monday and Wednesday afternoons.