Tuesday, November 13, 2012


5 Fun Road Trip Games

Traveling this Thanksgiving Holiday?  Here are 5 Fun Road Trip Games to get you & your family flying through the miles:

Magazine Scavenger Hunt
You don't have to run all over town for a scavenger hunt.  Just grab a magazine and a pen and be the first to cross off all the items on your list.
How to play:

  • First, make a list of 20 items you will try to find in your scavenger hunt.  Players can take turns suggesting things that might be found in a magazine or mom can make a list before leaving home. Here are a few ideas to get you started: a cruise ship, a baby, a red flower, bread, sunglasses, etc.
  • Give each person a copy of the list and a magazine
  • Each person has 5-10 minutes to find as much as they can in their magazine
  • When an item is spotted - write the page number next to it
  • First player to find all the items first or the person with the most at the end of the time limit is the winner
Radio Bingo
Everyone will love listening to the radio as they fill in special Bingo cards.
How to play:
  • Divide a piece of paper into 16 squares using 3 lines vertically and 3 horizontally.  This is your Radio Bingo card.
  • On each space, write something you would expect to hear on the radio (singers, titles of songs, products, sound effects, etc.).  Each player makes a card.
  • Gather all the cards, mix them up and have each player choose one.
  • Turn on the radio and listen closely
  • When an item comes up on the radio that is on your card, cross it off - make sure you announce it to everyone so everyone hears it too.  
  • The first player to cross out every space in a row either across, up & down, or diagonally wins.

The Great Plate Count
What's a car trip without a fun license plate game?  Start counting numbers on license plates instead of just counting the hours until you get to your destination!
How to play:

  • Player one callas out the numbers of the first license plate they see.  For instance, if the license plate is FTZ 123, you would call out "One, Two, Three"
  • Quickly add up these numbers and this would be your score - "6" - write this down as your score
  • The next player does the same for their score using the next car that passes
  • Each car is used only once and no two players claim the same plate
  • Keep taking turns and add each license plate's numbers to your existing score
  • The first player to reach 100 - EXACTLY 100- wins
  • If you score is 95 or higher, instead of adding up all the digits, use what you need to get you to 100
Each family member has to watch their words in this quirky game.
How to play:
  • As a family, come up with a "taboo" word that is NOT to be said for the duration of the road trip.  
  • Try to tie it in with your road trip.  If you are going to Grandma's house, maybe the taboo term is grandma.  Other good ones: bathroom, bored, "r we there yet?"
  • Consequences for saying the taboo term could be funny (make them sing a song) or serious (start with a "bank of $$ and deduct every time the word is said).
Fortunately, Unfortunately
Some people can't help but looking on the sunny side of a situation.  Others always seem to have a black cloud over their heads.  Here is your chance to look at life from every angle.
How to play:
  • The first player begins by making a statement using the word fortunately.  "Fortunately, I am going to my Cousin's house today."
  • The next player follows up with a statement that relates to the first one using the word unfortunately. "Unfortunately, I ran out of gas to get there."
  • And on to the next player to continue the story with a fortunately statement.  "Fortunately, the gas fairy landed right on my car."
  • The story goes on and on until it is completed.  
  • Make it fun and silly - it's a great way to stretch your imagination!
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Do you have a favorite game?  Tell us!!

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Jessica said...

You have the best ideas! Love it!

Tom said...

I love your games! Our favorite to play is also a plate game, where we try to make as many words as we can out of the letters in under a minute. So, if it was DNY, you could have dragonfly, dainty, dangerously! It can be a rowdy game, because no one likes not to have their own word or for someone to have more words than them!