Friday, December 7, 2012


Holiday Lights, Gangnam Style

Happy Friday & Merry Christmas!!  I wanted to bring y'all something FUN today!

In my research earlier this week for all the fun light displays here in the Austin area, I came across a FUN home that lights up each year.  Our family has visited this home many times in the past few years and LOVED their light displays.

This year, they moved to a new home and added a few new songs that garnered a TON of attention.  Well, if you took one of the hottest songs that is sweeping the nation and put it to an amazing light show, you would get a lot of attention too.

Consequently, this sweet family has had to turn off it's show, as it was getting WAY too much traffic and attention on their street and neighborhood.  And as sad as that makes everyone, I think they made a wise decision for their home, street & neighborhood.

That said, I am thrilled to share some of their talent with you here.  Please take a few minutes to enjoy these Christmas songs (ok, not all of them are Christmas songs, but that's what makes it so fun!)

And one more, because my kiddos just love this one!


Stuart (Family Adventure Project) said...

Crazy stuff. There's a house near us that lights up like a tree, but no son et lumiere. Looks a lot of fun.

Lisa said...

Those are awesome! Emma loved the Gangnam Style light show!!

Eileen @ FamiliesGO! said...

Fun! We have a Brooklyn neighborhood called Dykery Heights where home owners go all out with their houses. I haven't been yet, but maybe this year!

InsideJourneys said...

There's always one person somewhere who goes all out with the lights. Too bad that theirs drew so many people.

Nancie said...

When I lived in Nova Scotia (home) it was always a tradition to go out and look at the lights, and there were always one or two that went way over the top in a good way. These all look gorgeous.

Design Suits said...

Now that how Christmas decorations need to be and I love the lights.

B said...

Thanks for posting this! I didn't get a chance to see it before they shut it down - but can only imagine the electricity bills! Wow.