Saturday, December 1, 2012


Photo a Day Challenge for December

Hi friends! Do you Instagram?  Do you even know what Instagram is?  Do you care?  You should!

Instagram is a fun photo-sharing site that allows you to take a "peek" into what your friends are all seeing through their shots.  I love it - I get to see all my traveling friends' travels, what my scattered-across-the-states besties are all doing, and keep up with family members.

It's a great app too as it helps tweek your pictures in fun ways - making you look like a rock-star photographer!

And for the month of December, I thought it would be fun to run a little photo-a-day challenge with anyone who'd like to join.  Using the prompts listed below, add one picture a day and use the hashtag #RWTYMDec in your description to link them all together.  I would LOVE to see December through your eyes!!

So, hop on Instagram right now - start following me at @rwethereyetmom and link your photos up each day.  Don't worry if you are reading this and it's the 3rd or the 5th or even the 15th - who says you have to start on day one.

Miss a day?  No worries - play when you can.

Only like the prompt for Day 26 - I understand!  Add it that day!

Hope to see you playing!

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~ Crystal ~ said...

I will do as many of these as I can. I had already committed to another one before I saw this. Luckily Day #2 was the same for both.