Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Call Me Cuffs ~ Temporary ID Wristbands for Kids

You know when you run across a product and say to yourself, "why didn't I think of that?"  Sometimes it is the simplest concept that makes the best idea.  Call Me Cuffs, personalized ID wristbands for your kiddos, is just that. It's a fantastic idea that gives you an added peace of mind when out & about with your kiddos.

As a busy traveling momma of 3, we try our best to stick together as much as possible.  But with two olders and one younger, our interests vary and many times, we end up separated.  Like when we were visiting the Perot Museum in Dallas a few weeks ago.  The big kids were fascinated with so much that they kept running ahead, while the little guy & I took our time.  I was thankful to have been asked to try out a set of Call Me Cuffs and had them on my kids that day.

As the Perot Museum is fairly new, it can be extremely crowded, so if you are not physically holding your child's hand, you will lose sight of them. Especially when you have 3 kids and only 2 hands...... And though I never felt we were in an unsafe environment,  I really felt secure knowing the Call Me Cuffs had my cell number on it, in the case one of them were lost.

Call Me Cuffs is ideal for younger kids - especially those that are not old enough to remember a phone number or may be too shy to even tell someone their name.  My little man (3 1/2 years old) wore his "soccer wristband" all week on vacation and was very proud to do so.  He is not old enough to confidently speak to strangers if he were in a situation where he was lost, so his "soccer wristband" can do the talking for him.
But quite honestly, no matter how well prepared a child is, if they were to become lost, panic may override all the instructions their parents have given them.  They may not remember a cell phone number when all they can think of is finding you.  And that is where Call Me Cuffs works so beautifully. I can see this quickly becoming a necessity when out for a day, much as a diaper bag or sippy cup is. And absolutely essential for a big vacation - especially if you will be at a theme park.

Call Me Cuffs are made from soft, durable, child-safe, and eco-friendly material that is waterproof.  The adhesive backing that closes the wristband is long-lasting and hard for a child to tear off.  You can choose from several different colors and designs (we're a soccer family) and will come with your cell phone number.   You receive a set of 12 wristbands for only $14.95 - its a great deal for the peace of mind you receive.

Call Me Cuffs are easy to use and perfect for any trip - whether it be a trip to Disney World or a quick trip to the mall.

Call Me Cuffs generously provided my family with a set of personalized cuffs to try out.  All opinions are my own. That said, I only provide reviews of products I personally like and would use.


Emmy said...

That is a good idea-- my 6 year old doesn't fully have our number memorized yet.

Mama Melch said...

Perfect for my little runner!

Terri @ Travel 50 States with Kids said...

Great idea for little ones. Mine are older now, but I would have bought them when they were younger.