Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Goodnight Moon at the ZACH Theatre ~ Austin, TX

I had a date with my toddler on Saturday.  We went and saw a beloved story (one of our favorites in fact) come to life.  The ZACH Theatre presented Goodnight Moon and did such an amazing job of keeping myself and my 3 year entranced for an entire hour (not an easy feat....the 3 year old, not me!). 
 I have said it before, how absolutely amazed I am at all the talent we have in our local Austin theater community.  This production of Goodnight Moon is right up there.  Yes, it's mainly a children's production, but that doesn't stop me from recognizing the 4 actors that did a spectacular job of keeping a room full of children entranced, giggling, and clapping in delight throughout the show.
The set itself was taken right out of the picture book - bright and cozy.  When the show begins, it comes to life - from the red balloon that flits around the room to picture frames that house fun stories.  Each object - the fire, the mouse, the phone, the moon - are all characters in the play too!
And I know you are wondering, how on earth can they make an entire show out of a short children's book?  I thought the same thing and then the entire hour zoomed by!  There is dancing and singing of fun children's nursery rhymes.  Can you guess the one in the above picture? (here's a hint - is that a dish AND a spoon??)  They are funny anecdotes and great morals acted out.  And special visits by fun characters (want to meet the tooth fairy/).

Goodnight Moon is an absolute delight and a perfect show for all ages.  I thought the time was great enough to hold my three year old's interest, being a perfect "first show" to take him too.  The show is performed in an intimate setting in the Kleburg Theatre, allowing for every seat in the house to be a good one.

Goodnight Moon has 2 performances each Saturday (11 am and 2 pm) from now until March 23, 2013.  Tickets are only $14 - grab them quick.

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