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6 Fun Activities to Do with Kids in Breckenridge....besides ski!

As a family, we took our very first ski trip this past winter in Breckenridge, Colorado.  And while we absolutely fell in love with snow skiing, we also discovered so many more fun things to do in the snowy wonderland too.  Breckenridge has plenty of options of great family activities to enjoy beyond skiing.

Here are 6 Fun Activities to Do with Kids in Breckenridge:

When we started planning our winter escape from Texas, skiing was top of mind. However, we wanted to experience some other fun adventures in snow as well.  The Go Breck! website was a great resource to find all sorts of wintry fun.

The first thing that got all of our attention to try was the Gold Runner Alpine Coaster.  Located on Peak 8, the coaster ended up being my kids' favorite activity.  You can ride the 2500 feet of roller coaster track in a single or double seater, in winter or in summer.  The kids loved the speed, the curves, the dips...and asked to go again and again!

Another great outdoors activity is a Dog Sledding Tour.  We spent the afternoon with Good Times Adventures, touring the Swan River Valley while being pulled by eight gorgeous huskies.  Each of us had a chance to ride in the sled and guide the sled during the tour.  While 2 are on the sled, the others ride in a snowmobile-pulled sleigh in front, allowing for a chance to take some incredible photos.  It also was a great chance to get outdoors and enjoy the beautiful areas.

A winter vacation is not complete without a little Ice Skating.  Take advantage of two NHL-sized ice rinks at the Stephen C. West Ice Arena, both indoor and outdoor.  It was fun to skate outdoors (as the only chance we can do it down here in Texas is indoors) and enjoy the cold air while ice skating.  It just feels like such a winter activity when you are doing it at a ski resort!  The Ice Arena offers open public skate times and skating classes as well.

One last outdoor activity that all my kids really enjoyed was a Horse-drawn Sleigh Ride. We were able to experience an evening sleigh ride up Peak 9 to a yurt with a yummy dinner and entertainment with Breckenridge Stables.  It was fascinating to us to be pulled up same ski runs we had spent the last 2 days going down!  And as we traveled back down the hills from dinner, it started lightly snowing, making it a very magical and memorable experience.

If you have younger children and are looking for great indoor activities, the Mountain Top Children's Museum is open seven days a week during the winter.  This great museum features tons of great play and learn experiences for all ages.  They also feature daily activities with fun science experiments.   It's a great reprieve from the chilly weather.

Breckenridge has a wonderful Arts District where you can experience art exhibits and partake in Art Classes in a unique setting.  While we were visiting, my youngest and I enjoyed a fun art class at the Fuqua Livery Stable.  We decorated bags, creating a fun souvenir of our trip.  You can see more of what the Breckenridge Arts District has available here.
Though we came to ski, we were so pleasantly surprised at how much Breckenridge had for kids to do!!  We had a full winter's experience in Breckenridge - one that created lasting memories!!

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My family and I were invited to visit Breckenridge, Colorado as guests of the Breckenridge CVB.  I was not financially compensated for this post.  All opinions of Breckenridge, Colorado are strictly my own based on my experience.  

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