Wednesday, March 6, 2013


St. Patrick's Day Scavenger Hunt

With St. Patrick's Day around the corner, we decided to have a fun adventure.  So this Spring Break, we will be having a St. Patrick’s Day Photo Scavenger Hunt!  My kids love scavenger hunts, so I like to create fun ones for them to do - it is, after all, essentially FREE! All it takes is a little bit of prep work to create a fun experience for a group of kids.
St.  Patrick's Day Photo Scavenger Hunt:

  • You can do this with a large group of friends, or just your family.  If you do invite others to your hunt, just ask them to wear tennis shoes and bring a digital camera (a small hand-held camera is ideal).    
  • A little pre-work is involved in creating the actual list of "finds".  I went to the local park we were holding the scavenger hunt at a few days prior to get some ideas for the list.  It allowed me to select a few clues that would personalize the hunt better.  I was looking for unusual rocks, sculptures, or landscapes that they have to find.  (see the list we used below) 
  • I like to also include activities they need to photograph as well, for example, all teammates creating a word out of their bodies.  
  • To give it more of a St. Patrick’s Day theme, I added “find a four leaf clover”, “find a pot of gold” and “find all the colors of the Rainbow”.  Hide some gold chocolate coins for the kids to find for a fun surprise. 
  • Assign points to all the clues
  • Keep the hunt easy – allow the kids to naturally partner with who they would like to. Explain the rules, set the timer, and let them go!
  • We generally give them a half hour - an hour, depending on the list
  • Get creative with the prizes!  We found funny St. Patrick’s Day themed goodies to give the team who earned the most points. 
Everyone enjoys the fun of a hunt! Throw a party afterwards to show everyone's pictures  and serve some very St. Patrick-sy snacks - leprechaun green cupcakes, gold chocolate coins, green kool-aid (what else?).

There you go! A fun and easy St. Patrick's Day Party for kids!

St. Patrick's Day Photo Scavenger Hunt:
(change these as they fit the location you are doing your hunt at)

Rock with a tree growing out of it
Someone swinging as high as they can
Mom taking a drink from water fountain
Trees with white
Find the colors of the rainbow (take a picture of each one!)
Baseball backstop
Bridge over a creek
Pointed rock
Tree stump
Greenest patch of grass
Lying down in the fold in the earth
Someone going across the jungle gym
Picture of someone wearing a green shirt
Someone doing a cartwheel
A picture of someone wearing sunglasses
All team members standing on a flat rock
Spell your initial with your body
Looking for a leprechaun
Tree with the triangle
Picture of “gold”
Someone going down the slide
Picture by the park sign don't step on the flowers!

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