Thursday, May 23, 2013


Friday Daydreamin': My Favorite City

Happy Friday friends! Time for Friday Daydreamin'! 

Join us each Friday by linking up your favorite travel post of the week and I will do my best to see them all over the weekend.  I hope you will take a few minutes and visit some of the link ups too.

I love this link-up party because I get to learn & see so much travel through the eyes of all my fellow travel bloggers.  I have learned so many amazing things and seen some gorgeous pictures thanks to y'all sharing your travels here.  I hope you continue to do so.

Do you have big plans for Memorial Day Weekend? We don't - we are heading to a soccer tournament for my daughter.  Good thing is, it's in one of my very favorite cities.

San Antonio feels like home to me.  Even though I only lived there until I was 12, I have a certain sense of comfort when I visit. 
 It is such a beautiful and historic city, that I thought I'd give you the "birds-eye" view of it today from one of the prettiest landmarks in the city, the Tower of America.
What catches your eye first?  Is it the red Torch of Friendship given to San Antonio by Mexico?  The sunflower roof on top of the convention center?  How about the box-shaped hotel between the two - the first hotel that was pieced together room by room by crane? The rooms were completely made up (including the TVs) before being placed together like an intricate puzzle.
Maybe your looking for the Alamo?  That's it right in the center - the white domed roof surrounded by trees.  You can't see the iconic front that everyone is familiar with from here - but it quickly identifiable to all Texans.

I just love this city.  Do you have a favorite city?

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Mary {The World Is A Book} said...

Pretty! I haven't been to San Antonio yet but would love to visit soon. You know my favorite city has to be San Diego. I've lived here for 12 years and I don't think I can live anywhere else...well, maybe somewhere in Spain or Italy :)

Tonya {The Traveling Praters} said...

I love San Antonio! We visited several years ago...visited The Alamo (of course) and the Riverwalk. I really wish we'd taken the time to visit some of the other missions as well.

Lisa said...

Love the photos - I have always wanted to visit San Antonio. I have too many favourite cities - London, Paris, Toronto, Chicago, and New York to name a few! :) Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

Ann said...

I've only been to San Antonio once and it was when I was on a greyhound between Miami and Los Angeles.

I'm glad you pointed out the buildings, I wouldn't have noticed the details. Do you know why that hotel was put together the way you described? Does it help with soundproofing (I once read about a hotel that did something similar and it was supposed to be impossible to hear noise in other rooms).

As someone who has never actually seen the Alamo, I've always imagined it to be in the middle of nowhere. It never crossed my mind that something, a major city even, has been built up around it. Pretty cool. Thanks!

Kate @ Wild Tales of... said...

I loved my visited to San Antonio! I was there 8 years ago or so for a teaching conference. My mom and I (a teacher also) went together & we have such special memories of traveling together. My favorite city...Seattle, of course ;-)

Allison said...

It feels like a long time since I've been Friday Daydreamin'. It's nice to be back! Have a great weekend everyone!

Allison said...

It feels like a long time since I've been Friday Daydreamin'. It's nice to be back! Have a great weekend everyone!

Jackie Smith said...

San Antonio - I have a conference there in December and am SO looking forward to seeing that city! Love the photos!!!