Wednesday, July 3, 2013


100 Road Trip Boredom Busters

In preparation for our Bigger Than Texas Road Trip, I have created a list of 100 Boredom Busters for my kids to have when I hear the dreaded, "What can I do MOM??" when we are only on mile 201.

100 Road Trip Boredom Busters

1. Read your book
2. Write in your Journal "What did I see today?"
3. Travel TableTopics
4. Play iSpy with your little brother
5. Try to blow a bubble in a bubble
6. Discuss this question: "What would the ultimate birthday look like?"
7. Fold origami
8. Practice tying your shoe
9. Make up a new song about the state you are in
10. Try to guess how many more miles we will drive before our next stop
11. Read a chapter of our Summer Book aloud to all of us
12. Play the Road Trip Scavenger Hunt
13. Blog about your day
14. Agree upon a movie to watch
15. Read up on our next city/attraction we will come to in our Road Trip Travel Binder
16. Play the License Plate Game
17. Make a creature out of pipe cleaners then tell us about it
18. Discuss this question: "What would the best vacation look like?"
19. Play hangman
20. Work in your Summer Bridge books
21. What shapes do you see in the clouds outside your window?
22. Select an "object" of the day and see how many times you find it (ex: red motorcycle)
23. Listen to a book on tape
24. Play a magazine scavenger hunt
25. Practice pig latin
26. Play Madlibs
27. Find where we are on the map
28. Work a puzzle in your activity book
29. Play the Alphabet Game
30. Put together a chain story starting with this prompt: "Yesterday, I drove to....."
31. Declare Thumb War!
32. Quiz each other on your state capitols
33. Teach your little brother a new song
34. Go through the Family Tree together
35. Write your grandma an email about our trip
36. Use washable markers and draw on the windows
37. Discuss this question: "If you had a super power, what would it be and why?"
38. Play Spot It!
39. You have one minute to talk on one subject - Go!
40. Play Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizards, Spock
41. Play name that tune
42. Create something fun out of aluminum foil
43. Practice your times tables
44. Find things that start with a certain letter - help your little brother!
45. Use the Roadside America app to find the next cool roadside attraction
46.  Play Scatogories
47. Practice your string animals
48. Play radio bingo
49. Discuss this question: "What would the BEST meal you could make be?"
50. Talk like a pirate
51. Tell each other a joke
52. Eat a snack
53. Car Travel Bingo
54. Pick an object and count it
55. Discuss this question: "What kind of food do you want to try when we get there?'
56. Slug bug!!
57. Imitate a family member for us to guess
58. Virtual Hide and Seek
59. Play Alpha-bets
60. Family Sing-a-Long
61. Play Simon Says
62. Draw on paper
63. Help me figure out the gas mileage we are getting
64. Read about the state we are in in this book
65. Practice a foreign language
66. Write a coded letter to each other
67. Play On Sale
68. Practice spelling states, capitols, and countries
69. Lines and dots (make your own)
70. Make your own paper dolls
71. Play a game on your iTouch/iPhone
72. Predict what time we will get to our next destination
73. Guess the songs on the radio
74. Discuss this question: "What 10 things do you want to see on this vacation?"
75. Play Twenty Questions
76. Make a fortune teller
77. Call a relative on the phone and tell them about our trip
78. Create something fun out of duck tape
79. Play favorites - "What's your favorite ______?"
80. Find 100 of an object (American flag, churches, dogs, etc.)
81. Play Battleship
82. Collect postcards and brochures at our stops and read thru them - tell us about them
83. Read a book to your brother
84. Write a newsletter about our trip
85. Suduko
86. Discuss this question: "What 5 things to you want to accomplish this year?"
87. Count to 1,000 - Can you??
88. Create something with playdough
89. Shadow puppets
90. Watch Planet Earth
91. Make a movie in the car with your iTouch/iPhone
92. Draw a comic strip
93. Play Travel Blurt!
94. Try finger-knitting
95. Discuss this question: "Where do you see yourself in 10 years? What will you be doing?"
96. Create something with LEGOs
97. Rent a movie at Redbox
98. Play a card game
99. Learn a magic trick
100. Take a nap

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