Monday, July 1, 2013


Bigger Than Texas Road Trip

It's here!! The Bigger Than Texas Road Trip is about to become a reality.  After dreaming of taking this trip with my kiddos for the last 3 years, our trip will finally begin this Sunday!!

Why am I driving over 3000 miles with 3 children in the heat of the summer to some of the hottest places in the United States?  Because I was lucky enough to have parents who loved to travel and explore and I have been all over the Southwest (even lived there for many years). And it's time to show my children how absolutely stunning America's Southwest is.

Now, when I was younger, we traveled in a pop-up tent trailer and camped our way around.  We will not be that rustic on this trip, as this momma just doesn't enjoy camping.  But we will be visiting some pretty amazing National Parks and attractions.

And why on earth are we driving?  Well, I want to recreate the great American pastime of road tripping.  We get so caught up in our busy lives that we don't make the time to connect.  Leaving our home and comforts behind, and exploring new places gives us a chance to bond together as a family.  We are going to take our time, see kitschy roadside attractions, pull off when something catches our eye.

And I want you to come along with us!! Our itinerary puts us on the road for exactly 21 days and driving over 3000.  Where are we going???

Sunday, July 7: Carlsbad, NM
Monday, July 8: White Sands, NM
Tuesday, July 9: Albuquerque, NM
Wednesday, July 10: Flagstaff, AZ
Thursday, July 11: The Grand Canyon
Friday, July 12: Los Angeles, CA
Saturday, July 13: Huntington Beach, CA
Sunday, July 14 - Tuesday, July 16: Anaheim, CA
Wednesday, July 17 - Friday, July 19: Carlsbad, CA
Saturday, July 20: Los Angeles, CA
Sunday, July 21: Death Valley & Las Vegas, NV
Monday, July 22: Zion National Park
Tuesday, July 23: Bryce Canyon National Park
Wednesday, July 24: Monument Valley
Thursday, July 25-Friday, July 26: Durango, CO
Saturday, July 27: Clovis, NM
Sunday, July 28: HOME!!

What do you think??  Want to come along with us?  Follow us here on the blog for daily updates and these following channels to see where we are and what we are seeing:


Tonya @ The Traveling Praters said...

Can't wait to read about your journey and will be praying for safe travels and many wonderful memories for your family!

Happy Traveling!

Tricia said...

Happy Travels! Sounds like a wonderful adventure!

Tricia @

Reigning Chaos Creations said...

Sounds super fun! I have to ask though, if Clovis is the last stop before home, where in TX is home? Only asking cause my in-laws are right across the TX/NM line from Clovis, in Muleshoe! Safe travels!