Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Day 10: Why Doesn't Buzz Talk Mom?

We were up EARLY today.  After yesterday’s parking debacle, we were determined to be at California Adventure early.  We had a mission today.  We HAD to ride Radiator Springs Racers in Cars Land.  We had heard the horror stories before coming – how the lines are hours long and Fast Passes were gone by 10 am. 

So we had a plan – the gates opened at 7:30 am and we were lead down the street to a “holding area” until the park opened at 8 am.  We were escorted into Cars Land by both Mater and Lightning McQueen right at 8.  From the looks of it, Cars Land was amazing, but we were funneled through the end of it to get on the ride, so we didn’t have a chance to really enjoy walking down the street and seeing it all.

But. We made it onto the ride first thing.  We waited maybe 10 minutes and then rode what was to become one of our favorite rides in the park.  Radiator Springs Racers takes you on a leisurely drive, through town, and then you get to race another car.  Again, I can’t say it enough,  Disney does everything SO WELL.  We loved the ride so much, we were able to get TWO more sets of Fast Passes and ride it again.

Whew! That was down, now we felt we could relax and enjoy the day.  We took a walk down Main Street in Radiator Springs, checking out Flo’s V8 CafĂ©, Sarge’s Supply House, Cozy Cone Motel, and more when we came across this guy:

“Hi Lightning!!!” – My son went NUTS!!  He was thrilled to meet him.  I actually have a picture of him with his arms around his hood, hugging him.  Meet Lightning McQueen – Check!

California Adventure is divided up into regions of California – and it is a great park.  The rides are different than Disney, and most are not available in the Florida parks, so we felt like we were at a whole different park, unlike yesterday.  For the most part, we all enjoyed the rides with little to no wait time.  We utilized the Fast Passes when we needed them but most of the time, we walked on.

We loved the themeing of the California Boardwalk and spent most of the afternoon there.  There we lots of rides that my little on could enjoy.  And he also was able to run into this guy.

Buzz Lightyear is another one of his favorites.  He had his pin on his lanyard and showed it to him right when he walked up.  Buzz was “excited” and did a pose like the pin.  Then my guy asked, “Where’s his voice?  Why is he not talking??” Um – I let the handlers take that one.  (Something about saving it for the parade?)  It was one of those moments my guy talked about the rest of the day.  He also met Woody and Jake from the Neverland Pirates.  He didn’t want to meet Mickey yesterday – these were his “guys”. 

I had to try Red’s Apple Freeze – another sought-after snack – from the Cozy Cone Motel.  It was delicious – frozen apple cider with a marshmallow taste – but it didn’t top my Dole Whip. 

We also lucked out and rode both of the fiercest rides twice – California Screamin’ and Tower of Terror.  For those of us who like thrill rides, these were both excellent.

Lastly, we took all the advice we had received and gotten Fast Passes for World of Color.  These passes allow you into a reserved section to see this show.  All I knew is that is was a water show.  I half-heartedly wanted to watch it – really, I wanted to shop.   But I am SO glad I did.  World of Color is so much more than a “water show”.  This half-hour show has to be one of the best we have ever seen.  Scenes from Disney movies are projected onto the water.  Water jets make the water spray in different shapes, intervals, and heights.  And there is so much mood-envoking color.  This show alone was worth the price of admission in my book. All of us enjoyed it.  Except my 4 year old.  Two days at Disney and he was out.  Oh well, I guess that is reason enough to come again, right?

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