Tuesday, August 13, 2013


10 Road Trip Boredom Busters

Heading out on a road trip anytime soon?  Here are 10 Fun & Kid-Approved Road Trip Boredom Busters that worked for us on our Bigger Than Texas Road Trip this summer!
 1. Old Shows on DVD - What a fun way to introduce your children to some TV favorites of yours.  My kids loved The Brady Bunch!
2. Seek & Find Books - Hours, I mean hours were spent finding Waldo!  Even the 4 year old took the time to find him!
 3.  Car Games - There are so many fun & unique car games to buy.  We played ones that got the driver involved too, like Travel Blurt!
 4. Reading Outloud - Not only are we working on our reading skills when everyone reads a chapter out loud, but we are all getting into a really great book.
 5. CD Sing-a-Long - My favorite, as I pull out cds from years ago and get lost singing along with forgotten lyrics.  How else are my kids going to learn The Beatles?
6. Build A Fort - My children came up with this one - I think my son needed some "space".
7. Window Markers - Love these things! My children really enjoyed the freedom of drawing on the car windows.
 8. Craft Projects - Grab some inexpensive craft projects for your children to try.  My son spent a lot of time building origami.
9. Magnetic Games - Perfect for little hands, we found a few magnetic stories and games for him to play.
10.  Stop for Ice Cream - When all else fails and everyone needs to get out of the car, stop for a treat!

Need even more ideas?  Here are 100 Road Trip Boredom Busters we came up with!

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