Thursday, March 20, 2014


Safari Champ Special Events ~ #101PreschoolDates

I have 10 weeks left with my 4 year old until the big kids come home for the summer.  And you know what happened next fall? My baby goes to kindergarten.  So in an effort to make some memories with him, I am instituting #101PreschoolDates  Follow along as we count down this list and find some really cool places in the Austin area to take your preschoolers! 

Safari Champ in Round Rock

Being that I blog about Round Rock (, I tend to stay up here a lot - truthfully, there is really a lot to do with kids in Round Rock. And one of my favorite places to go - especially on bad weather days, is Safari Champ.

Safari Champ is an indoor play ground that also has great seating, snacks, coffee and FREE WiFi.  (Do you know how awesome that is?) My 4 year old loves to come here because the playscape is massive - like adults can get lost massive.  It's clean, reasonable and a great place for a playdate.

But what's even cooler?  Safari Champ bring in a ton of outside people that bring art, food, and great shows!

Once a month, Austin Reptile visits Safari Champ and brings in the most fun critters.  Well, fun for boys. Brave boys.  Not necessarily my boy.

Anyways, Mike with Austin Reptile is passionate and knowledgeable and you could tell, he really liked his job.  Most of the reptiles he brought, he would walk around and let the kids touch them, while teaching them so pretty amazing facts.  I found him fascinating, and so did my 4 year old. He would be GREAT for a birthday party!

Each week, Safari Champ hosts special events - from concerts with Stacy Grey to kids yoga classes to petting zoos.  They do a great job of finding what interests little ones.  Going to Safari Champ just to play is enough for my guy, but it's also really cool to try another activity while you are there.  

Check out all their weekly and upcoming activities here.

Follow along all our dates on our social media channels with the #101Preschool Dates.

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