Tuesday, April 1, 2014


A Free Fun in Austin Day ~ #101PreschoolDates

I have 10 weeks left with my 4 year old until the big kids come home for the summer.  And you know what happened next fall? My baby goes to kindergarten.  So in an effort to make some memories with him, I am instituting #101PreschoolDates  Follow along as we count down this list and find some really cool places in the Austin area to take your preschoolers! 

A Free Fun in Austin Day! (thanks to Free Fun in Austin)

One of my absolute favorite resources in Austin is the website, Free Fun in Austin.  Created by a momma of 5 gorgeous kiddos, this website finds ALL the amazing, fun that is happening each day in Austin.  In fact, I subscribe to their daily emails to have the What's Up Weekly delivered to my Inbox each Monday. 

When I was planning my Date with my Preschooler for this week, 2 fun events caught my eye on Tuesday!!

#1 Free Fun in Austin Event: Breakfast with the Easter Bunny at Whole Foods

Always up for breakfast, we trekked down to the Domain Whole Foods for muffins, fruit and juice, and a chance to meet the "Bunny Guy".  Breakfast was delicious, and I had adorable company:

But my little man had never met the Easter Bunny before and I think he was a little freaked out, what do you think?

Parking at Whole Foods Domain is very easy - go underneath.  And the store is beautiful - I could wander the aisles forever looking at all the grand stuff they sell.  The employees working the event were very kind and generous.  I would definitely attend another family event here.

#2 Free Fun in Austin Event: Puppet Show at BookPeople

I have never been to BookPeople - I have lived here almost 6 years and have not made the time.  So when I saw there was going to be a puppet show mid-morning, I was determined to go.

BookPeople is a large, ind├ępendant bookstore near downtown Austin.  It is AMAZING y'all.  As a book lover, I could spend all day here, but I did have a preschooler with me, so we scooted on upstairs to get a seat for the puppet show. 

The children's area at BookPeople is so well done - the book displays are enticing, with lots of displays and books to read.  The "show" area is fun too - with big & tall benches to climb up and sit on. 

Since it was April Fools Day ~ April 1~ when we visited, the puppet show was all about pranks and it was PERFECT for my little man.  It lasted a good 20 mins and he was enthralled the whole way through, laughing at all the right moments.  Kiddos 3 and under were a little restless.  The show was performed by 2 guys and a narrator and they did a fantastic job with dozens of puppets and dozens of voices.  Great, quality entertainment for a preschooler...and it was FREE!

We topped off our day with a picnic lunch and enjoyed some sunny spring weather.  And y'all - I didn't pay a dime for the whole day of fun!

The quiet time we spent together made me realize how important these dates were going to be.  Can't wait to see where the next few months take us!  Follow along on our social media channels with the #101Preschool Dates.

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