Wednesday, July 9, 2014


5 Things to Love about Georgetown's New Creative Playscape ~ #101PreschoolDates

I have 6 weeks left with my 5 year old until he goes to kindergarten.  So in an effort to make some memories with him, I am instituting #101PreschoolDates  Follow along as we count down this list and find some really cool places in the Austin area to take your preschoolers! 

This week, my guy and I tried out the newly re-did park, Creative Playscape in Georgetown, TX. The wooden structured playscape was our favorite and we were sad to hear of it's demise.  But, I can say in full confidence that the one that replaced it is just as good.  Here's why:

1. Everything is new - the previously wooden structure is completely gone and the new area is all brand new. And it's massive! My 5 year old walked into the park wide-eyed and didn't know where to start.

2. Lots to climb on - the variety of climbing structures is awesome. There are stairs, ladders, rock walls, etc. and multiple fun slides to come down! There is even a big rock to play "king of the mountain" on!

3. Completely fenced in - there is one entrance in & out of Creative Playscape. With the benches situated close to the entrance, you can have a better peace of mind letting your child explore the area.

4. Lots of shade to sit in - trees, shaded patio with benches, and lots of grass to plop down on. That said, the entire playscape is in full sun, so go in the cooler parts of the day.

5. Preschool Structure - if your little ones are overwhelmed with the size of the playscape, there is a separate, small-scale play ground for them.

There are only 2 sets of swings but barely anyone was on them.  The playscape is that enticing that your children will want to spend all their time on that!

It's a great park for a playdate!

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