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How Comfortable is Camping in an RV?

This is a part of our Camping for Beginners series. Click here to hear about the Myths I thought about Camping and how they all went away.

I've received a lot of questions about our RV Road Trip over the past few days, the biggest one being all about comfort:

Tell me the truth Rebecca, was it comfortable?  How did you all sleep in there?

Yes, the thought of a family of 5 sleeping all in the "same room" for 7 days may seem a bit crowded, but honestly, it wasn't at all.  And all of us in the "same room" - that was part of the adventure of camping in a RV!

So I thought I'd take a moment to show you just how comfortable we were.

At Woody RV Rentals, the RVs come in all shapes and sizes.  Our family of 5 (mom, dad, teenager, tween, and 5 year old) fit perfectly in the 2013 Jayco Redhawk.  We wanted to be in a RV that we could drive and not tow.  We wanted the experience of getting up and moving around, going potty, eating lunch, etc. all while cruising down the road.

Our camper had 2 slide outs when we were parked - the couch and the bunk beds moved out, giving us more than enough room to walk around it.  Did we ever feel like we were on top of ourselves? Sure - but you can feel that way in a 4000 sq. foot home too.  Again, this was all about the camping experience.

How was Sleeping?

Our Redhawk had the capacity to sleep 9 (maybe 10):
- Queen bed in back
- 2 bunk beds
- Couch folds out to a full bed
- Dining table makes into a bed
- Full-Queen sized bed over the cab

Our kids had plenty of options to sleep but they really enjoyed sleeping in the bunk beds and over the cabs.  My 5 year old chose the upper bunk and kept all his toys and books there through the whole trip.  It had a curtain that he would close and call it his "room".  He even figured out how to open his window.

The mattresses are not meant to be the most comfortable ones you have ever slept in (it is called camping folks!) but we added an egg crate to our queen and it was just fine.

We slept very comfortably.

Did the RV Keep Cool?

Lucky for us, a big storm system moved through the state and cooled it down to the 80s each day.  That said, we ran the A/C each night and I was COLD.  I wished I had packed more blankets for the bed but when you are loading up in the heat of the day, the last thing you think you will need is another blanket.

We cooled off just fine.

Was there Enough Storage Space?

We used all the drawers in back to pack all the clothes we would need for 7 days (family of 5 remember!) and still had cabinets that were empty.  There was a full pantry and cabinets over the sink, couch, and dining table that we filled with food, dishes, and games.  There are storage spaces underneath the RV that we packed our ice chests, chairs, tools, and more. We even added a bike rack in the back to take our 5 bikes. Everything, I mean everything fit perfectly and we still had room to take more!

There was plenty of space for everything we packed.

How did you cook?

The Redhawk had a nice-sized fridge & freezer that everything fit in nicely.  It had a four-burner stover than ran off the propane.  And a convection microwave to cook. I think we made popcorn one night in the microwave and mac & cheese another night on the stove.  Other than that, we cooked outside on a propane camping stove, over the campfire, or on a portable grill.  We wanted to keep the heat and smells outdoors and it felt more like camping this way.

We washed dishes in the sink.  It had a water heater, so we had warm water to wash in.  The only thing I wish it had more of is counter space.  Pretty much all the cooking prep was done on the table or outside.

Cooking was no problem - we all ate just fine!

What was the bathroom like?

The bathroom was small - but it had a sink, potty, and shower.  And lots of space to put your toiletries, which for a family of 5 seemed to be a lot.  There was enough room to turn around in the bathroom, so we of course, limited our time in there.  We took showers at the campground and used the potty sparingly - that was more for Dad's sake having to empty the black & grey tanks.  I can't really speak to that job.  I made sure I was hidden away in the camper every time he emptied them.  He said it was easy to do but fairly gross.

The bathroom was small, but just what we needed.

Was it easy to "turn on"?

Hubby did all that work, and he says yes. All you have to do is plug it in!

Here is a quick tour of our RV:

The RV experience was very comfortable - it's a house on wheels essentially and we were never uncomfortable.  I chose to camp in a RV because I do not think I would enjoy a tent. For too many reasons to list here.   And there were certainly moments where I wished I could just go to my room and shut the door - just being real here folks - but again, that was a part of the camping experience.

If you are worried about being comfortable or not having enough room, there are many RVs that will suit the size of your family.

Woody RV Rentals has plenty of options to choose from - you can tow a trailer or drive one - and most sleep six people and up.  Take a visit to their lot and tour a few different campers before choosing one.  Owner, Julie Woody and her staff will be happy to "fit" you in the perfect camper and be able to answer any questions! I loved working with them before, after, and even during our trip.

10% Discount at Woody RV Rentals: Julie is providing all my readers who mention my blog a 10% discount on their rentals.  Just mention R We There Yet Mom when renting to receive it!

Disclosure: Woody RV Rentals invited us to try camping and provided us with the 2013 Jayco Redhawk for the week. I was not compensated to write this article. These are my true thoughts and opinions.

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