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Woody RV Rentals, LLC ~ Austin, TX

This is a part of our Camping for Beginners series. Click here to hear about the Myths I thought about Camping, here to see how comfortable camping in an RV can be and here to see what was on our menu for 7 days.  Lastly, here are 10 Tips for first time RV campers. 

I am soooooo not a camper.  I really want to be, but the thought of sleeping on the ground just freaks me out.  The potential for bugs crawling on me is too high (even if I am in a tent, bugs are there....).  No can do.  But camping RV-style, now that is another story.

And as you have read this week, I got over my fears of sleeping outdoors and camped while on vacation. Many of you may say that "camping in an RV" doesn't count.  But who says you can't have a little creature comfort while you are spending time in the great outdoors?  I know having a clean potty and a bed with sheets made camping much easier for this gal!  My brother calls is "glamping" - no, it is CAMPING in my book.

Camping is not a regular sport in this household, but my kids enjoy it so how can I say no?  That's why I wanted to tell y'all all about this great company that allows you to "camp" in this comfortable fashion without having to buy the RV.

Woody RV Rentals is a locally owned business here in Central Texas that offers many makes & models of RVs and campers for rent.  They have Class A and Class C MotorhomesTravel Trailers, and Pop-up Campers.  Whether you want to camp a few days overnight in a local campground or take a big one to the beach, there are several reasons to go with Woody RV Rentals.

Locally owned means friendly faces.  For a non-camper like me, I needed someone to walk me through  the camper.  I spoke with Mike, who put me immediately at ease and answered all my silly questions.  You "do I have to have a special license to drive it?" And the answer to that one is NO!

There are so many choices to pick from at Woody RV - their website lists them all with pictures.  You can rent a smaller Class C, which is great for a family and drives like a "15-passenger van" or rent the decked-out bus, and tour like a rockstar!  

When you rent an RV, you will walk through the rental with a technician who will explain everything to you, such as how to use the generator, the kitchen appliances, set up water, etc.  All of the rentals are meticulously cleaned and come with some forms of entertainment (TV. DVD, Radio,etc).  

And renting an RV is reasonable if you were to compare it to the price of staying in a hotel and meals.  Plus it's a really unique experience for the it family bonding.

This was such a FUN way to visit some amazing sites in Texas - we took it out for a 1300+ mile road trip.  But Mike suggested if you wanted to try out camping, someplace close and local is great.  They are a big fan of Camp Jellystone, located down by Canyon Lake.  

Having a company so close and easy gives me no more excuses when my kids want to camp. Now I guess I am going to have to insist we rent the Rockstar Bus for our next trip.

10% Discount at Woody RV Rentals: Julie is providing all my readers who mention my blog a 10% discount on their rentals.  Just mention R We There Yet Mom when renting to receive it!

Disclosure: Woody RV Rentals invited us to try camping and provided us with the 2013 Jayco Redhawk for the week. I was not compensated to write this article. These are my true thoughts and opinions.

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