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12 Fun Things to do for Kids at Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort & Spa ~ Austin, TX

I am such a fan of a staycation at a resort - especially when the resort has so much to offer kids & families.  Such as the Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort & Spa on the outskirts of Austin, TX.  Not only do they have an incredible pool, lazy river, and fun night time events for all ages, we recently discovered some other really great things to try next time you are there.

12 Fun Things to do for Kids at Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort & Spa 

Arts & Crafts Under the Trees

Hyatt Regency Lost Pines has an incredible staff that plans fun activities for kids - from games on the lawn to scavenger hunts with family, these are fun event for all ages.  When we first arrived and our room was not ready, we sat under the trees and made some wooden figures together.  Even though it was July, the shade and wonderful breeze was very comfortable.  Later in our stay, they "branded" leather necklaces.
Activity Rating: Great for my 5 year old son & 13 year old daughter

Water Park 

Truth be told, my kids could spend all day at the Hyatt Regency Lost Pines pool and be perfectly happy. If there wasn't so many other cool things to do.....  The pool is really more of a mini water park with a fun water slide, volleyball & basketball area, beach front entry, splash pad and more.  They recently updated everything in the pool within the last year or so, including adding great canopies for shade.
Activity Rating: Fun for all ages


Who doesn't love a little sweet treat after dinner?  Each night, the resort hosts a big bonfire and invite you to make your own s'mores.  Make them just the way you like it and have as many as you want, they are as easy to make!
Activity Rating: Awesome for those who love s'mores

Meet the Mini Mascots

Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort has animals all over the property - including these adorable "mini-mascots". They have an actual time to meet them with a handler, but at anytime, you can walk over to their pen and see these gentle creatures. If you're lucky, they will mosey on over to get a scratch behind the ear.
Activity Rating: Perfect for Preschoolers and Animal Lovers

Bike Rides

We love the collection of bikes of every size & shape the resort has available for guests to check out.  We went for a leisurely ride one morning after breakfast.  All the huge trees the resort has make a wonderful shady area to ride in.
Activity Rating: Even though they had bikes with training wheels, my big kids enjoyed riding bikes more

Storytelling with JD

Each evening, in the lobby, JD brings some creatures from his own collection out to meet with guests. He loves to teach guests all about snakes, birds, and more and tell you all kinds of fun stories.  But this is not the only time you can catch him.  JD can be found wandering all over the property with creatures.  We ran into him several different times within our stay, all with a different "pet".  He lets the kids touch/pet them, teaches them about it, and answers every question they may have.
Activity Rating: Great for elementary-aged kids and their parents

Lazy River

Grab a tube (there are plenty) and take a spin (or two.... maybe 3) around the shady lazy river that winds around the pool.  It's so peaceful and relaxing, this momma could spend her whole day here.
Activity Rating: Tubes do not have bottoms, so kids need to be able to hold themselves up. My kids enjoyed it, but didn't make it "lazy & relaxing" like their mom did. 

Pony Rides

Trailhead Renegade at Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resorts offers horse & pony rides as well as archery. My 5 year old was invited to try a pony ride and was escorted by 2 lovely teens around the area on Bo.  Afterwards, we could pet him & pose for pictures.  As I mentioned, they have 35 horses that go out on several long horseback rides as well.  I thought it was great that they had an option for the little kids too.
Activity Rating: Awesome for my 5 year old son and those not ready for horseback

Movie Under the Stars

Every night, the activities staff inflate a big, portable screen to show movies on - they showed Monsters University, Brave, & Frozen while we were there.  They serve free popcorn and bring out big towels to stretch out on while you watch the movie.
Activity Rating: Even though they had seen all the movies before, all 3 of my kids enjoyed it

Build Sandcastles

Did I mention there is a beach entry to the pool, and that is is filled with sand?  For my kiddos, who didn't get to see beach this summer, this was a great opportunity to build some fun sand creatures & castles.  Also, you can pull a few beach chairs into the area to sit in the water while your kids play - it's not the beach, but it's the next best thing!
Activity Rating: Great for preschoolers and elementary ages

Horse-drawn Wagon Rides

The horse-drawn wagon rides ended up being one of our favorite things we did.  As they pull you around the property, a nice young man tells you all about these majestic horses, even showing you their horseshoes and answering any questions you may have.  Afterwards, you can pet the horses and pose for pictures.
Activity Rating: Great for my 5 year old son - he asked a ton of questions

Meet the Horses

If you don't have the opportunity to ride on the wagon, take a moment to walk or bike ride around the property to meet some of the animals.  The longhorns, horses, and alpacas are friendly and would love to say hello.  We met these 2 horses (King Author & Guinevere) while we were on our bike ride.  They were cozied up to the fences just begging to be loved on.
Activity Rating: Perfect for my teenager - my youngest was intimidated by their size

There are many other activities that we did not have a chance to try during the 3 days we were there such as birding, kayaking, rock wall & zip lining, archery, fly fishing, tennis, golf, tractor-drawn hay rides, painting your pony....the list goes on & on. There is truly something here for everyone.  Most of the recreation activities are included in the resort fee ($25 per room per day).  Some do have an additional fee.

It's fun opportunities like these that show you, this is not just a hotel, but a world-class family resort. They cater to bringing you a full Texas Experience, from trail rides to s'mores, you can relax and experience it all.  The employees are knowledgeable and helpful.  I love that you can stay at one resort for a week and have a different experience everyday without ever leaving the property.

Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort & Spa remains one of my favorite resorts in Texas.  I highly recommend trying it, especially if you can't get away for vacation.  After a few days here, you won't need one.

Disclosure: My family & I were invited to visit Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort & Spa and were provided rooms.  I was not paid for this article.  All opinions are my own.

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