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Parkview Riverside RV Park: Why a Private Campground Worked for Us

Private campground versus Public campground – which do you do?  As relatively new  “campers” we had heard all the pros and cons as to which to choose.  And in planning our trip RV Camping trip this summer, we wanted to try both.

So when it came to our time at Garner State Park, we opted to stay in an RV Park versus the park itself.  Here’s why:

In researching the area, we had talked to several people who had stayed at Parkview Riverside RV Park.  Located directly across the river from Garner State Park, you have the main amenity of the park, the Frio River, right at your doorstep – ok, maybe a few minutes walk from your doorstep.

We stayed 2 nights at Parkview Riverside RV Park and enjoyed the quiet, peaceful, and clean facility.  It had lots of trees and almost every spot had some sort of shade.  The park is well-maintained and is gated, as to deter a great deal of traffic.  And we found it to be quiet.  We camped near the front entrance and didn’t find it to be noisy at all.  It was the perfect first stop of our week-long RV roadtrip.

Here are a few more things we really enjoyed about Parkview Riverside RV Park:


Since our main goal of traveling down to this area was to visit Garner State Park and play in the Frio River,  we liked having the river so close to us.  There were 2 entrances down to the river and it was very easy to haul our tubes and cooler down with us when we wanted to go.  If we had stayed over at Garner, we would have encountered a long walk to the river – with 3 kids, that might not have been fun.

Full Hook-ups

Garner State Park does not have sewer hook-ups, and for this new RV-camping family, it was nice to have “full hookups” available to us.

Hot & Clean Showers

Parkview Riverside RV Park has a nice bathroom complex that was always sparkling clean when we used it.  It was so nice to have steaming hot showers after spending the day in the river.  I did not have a chance to see the Garner bathrooms, but I hear during the summer, they are usually busy.

Cocktail Time

Look, let’s be honest, we are on vacation, so Mom & Dad might want to enjoy a cocktail while floating in the river or sitting around the campfire at night. Open consumption of alcohol is not permitted in Texas State Parks. But it is allowed at private parks. Enough said.

General Store

Once again, let me remind you that I am NEW to this camping thing and I “may” have forgotten a few key items  - butter, ketchup, bandaids , whatevers…… Parkview Riverside RV park has a really nice general store on property.  One night, we took a walk up to it to grab a few Blue Bell ice cream treats.

Great for Families

The park had every age represented while we were there.  It was summer, so there were a lot of kids on bikes, but we saw a few older couples as well.  Each campsite has plenty of room for horseshoes, lots of chairs to circle the fire pit and an area for a nice outdoor kitchen set up.  One group of campers watched a movie one night on the side of their RV with a projector.  Fancy!

No Access to Garner State Park

Just beware that when you are booking your reservation, the only way to get over to Garner State Park is by crossing the Frio River.  You can do it, but it’s not legal, unless you hike up to the entrance and pay your daily fee.  So if you are wanting to hike in the park or go to one of the nightly summer dances, you will need a vehicle to drive around to the entrance of the park.

There are many choices of places to stay and camp along the Frio River, so what set Parkview Riverside RV park apart?  The people.  From making the reservations over the phone with the owner, to chatting about the area with one of the staff when we checked in, everyone we encountered here was so friendly and helpful. Even as we were leaving, they helped us out big time.  We accidently left our 5 year old’s bike behind and they came running to the front of the park to catch us with it!

Maybe it’s because they are living in one of the prettiest little pockets in South Texas that I have ever seen.  Maybe it’s cause they get to deal with happy people on vacation.  Or maybe they are just friendly people - Whatever it is, they welcome the weary traveler with welcome arms, eager to help you have an awesome vacation.

Parkview Riverside RV Park rents by the week and you can make your reservations a full year in advance.  Or if your last minute (like me, ahem…) give them a call to see if they have any openings for a few days.  I know from personal experience, they are more than happy to accommodate you.

While on our #darlingroadtrip, we are camping in a 2013 Jayco Redhawk Class C RV.  Woody RV Rentals in Georgetown, Texas provided us with our home on wheels.  They specialize in renting RVs of every size to help you have a memorable RV vacation.

Disclosure: Parkview Riverside RV Park invited us to stay for 2 nights. I was not compensated for this review.  All opinions are my own.

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