Monday, October 6, 2014


7 Color Run Tips

I just ran my first Color Run yesterday and I discovered some helpful tips to running this type of race that I wish I had known before! So being the ever helpful blogger that I am, I wanted to pass it along to you.

But before I do, let me do my best to convince you that you MUST run this race.  Whether it be the actual Color Run, or another race similar to it with thrown colored cornstarch, it is so much fun.  My friends and I ran it, not really knowing what to expect, and walked away thinking it was the most fun race we had done. It definitely lives up to it's name, the "Happiest 5K on the Planet."

But I'm not a Runner!

In the Color Run, participants are there to have fun, not race.  This race was filled with runners and walkers (and toddlers in strollers, dogs, and more) of all abilities.  No one cared about time, we were all just there to get doused with color.  And that is what we did.  So before you completely say No, take a look at what you would be missing:

Is the Color Run Messy?

Yes - it's a HUGE mess- but that's the fun of the race!  Wear all white and get as colorful as you can.  I'll give you some tips to help clean up before you get home.  That said, if you do not enjoy getting dirty, this race is not for you.  Pass along these tips to someone who does.

7 Tips to The Color Run 

1. Dress The Part: The organizers of the race encourage you to wear white and yes, it's the most fun way to see all the color.  That said, make sure you are wearing something you don't mind getting stained.  Also, don't wear your newest pair of running shoes. Most of the color came out of my shirt, but it's not as white as it was previously. When you pick up your race packet, they have fun running gear to purchase to dress it up even more - socks, shirts, and tutus!!  This is a race to dress up and have fun. 

2. Wear Some Protection! When you are running through the color corrals, people are actually throwing the colored cornstarch on you, so either close your eyes or wear cheap sunglasses.  If you have breathing problems, it's a good idea to have a bandana to cover your mouth & nose with.  

3. Leave the valuables in the Car! This isn't a race, you don't need your GPS watch.  And unless you just have to take pics or video, I would recommend leaving the phone in the car too.  OR make sure you keep it covered (runner pack under your shirt?) or it will have color on it when you are through.

4. Want to Get Colored?  If you want to get max color, run on the outer sides of the color corrals and tell the "color-ors" that you want to get sprayed.  Have fun with it! Run with your back to them or duck down to get the color from the top.  On the other hand, if you want a light dusting of color, run directly through the middle.

5. Don't Get Wet! The "color" is simply cornstarch that very easily dusts off of you.  In fact, at the end of the race, they have leaf-blowers that will "blow off the color" before you head home.  However, if you get wet or wash your hands with water, the color will saturate into your clothes or hands.  Some of this in inevitable as you might be sweating, but that's why they recommend clothes you don't mind getting dirty.

6. Stay for the After-Race Party!  Once you cross the finish line, the organizers will hand you a bag of color to throw at the after party. Make sure to stay for the color throw - they count it down every few minutes and it's your chance to get REALLY COLORED!  It's a lot of fun so don't miss it.

7. Bring Clean-Up Supplies!  Bring baby wipes to clean off your hands, plastic bags to put dirty clothes it for the ride home, and towels to sit on in the car.  If you run with a stroller (there were tons) remember they will get messy too, so bring something to clean them, or visit the leaf-blower station before you go home.

The Color Run had a fun, party atmosphere that made it such an enjoyable race.  It's a great race for the entire family and a great memory maker.  I highly recommend you try one if it comes to your area.  Here are the dates for the rest of 2014:


tara pittman said...

I have many friends who love doing this race. I am not able to because of allergies and all the dust.

Tricias-List PRPage said...

FUN ! Im glad you enjoyed yourself! I have a planned run like this coming up,too. Hope I have as much fun as you did !