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Letterboxing 101

Looking for something fun to do in your local area?  Maybe trying to plan a few "not-so-bummer-summer" moments for the family?  Connie from The Young & The Relentless has been posting about taking her kids "letterboxing" for over a year, so I knew she would be the perfect person tell us all about it!

I first heard about letterboxing in 2010 and knew immediately that it was something I’d want to do.  I like hiking....but I’m a type A personality and I like to have a goal. Letterboxing combines walking or hiking and finding clues which take you to a treasure (log book and stamp).

It is so satisfying!

Our first letterboxing adventure didn’t go well because I hadn’t done all of my research (this is so unlike me) and we didn’t have a logbook, stamp or ink.  Once we moved back to Colorado (where the letterboxing is plentiful) we gathered all the necessary supplies and we were hooked!
Letterboxing supplies

I’m a natural record-keeper so I like to put as much information into our log book as possible.

Our Letterboxing Log Book

Once you have your supplies, then check out the Atlas Quest website. Sign up for an account so that you can record your finds.  Type in your location and find a letterbox. You can do an advanced search and narrow your results to only show urban locations or boxes that are pet or bike friendly.

Letterbox Found!

This is what a letterbox looks like.

Inside you will find a stamp and a log book.  You will stamp your log book with the stamp from the box and stamp and sign the letterbox logbook with your stamp.  Make sure to re-hide the box where you found it when you are done.

Another element to that you want to be secretive while finding your box.  You don’t want to draw attention to yourself when there are other people around.  We call these non-letterboxers Muggles. Create a  distraction while other’s in your party search for the box.  When stamping your log book, find a quiet spot where no one will see what you’re doing.

This is a great family activity and fun for kids of all ages. It's a fun way to explore new places in your own town and wherever you travel on vacation!  If you have an iPhone, there is also a letterboxing app called BoxFinder for $1.99. You can log in with your Atlas Quest account and save letterboxes that you want to find.

Once you are really hooked and obsessed with letterboxing, you may want to carve your own stamp and plant a box!

A few tips:

Bring never know how far you have to walk to find your box.
Bring a stick...letterboxes are often hidden under brush or leaves.
Wear gloves...if you’re a Princess and don’t like getting your hands dirty.
Be Very Sneaky!

Thanks Connie!

I was featured today at Suitcases & Sippycups - a fun fun fun website that showcases amazing trips with kids!  Come read about our awesome Chicago trip from last summer ~ we are a part of the Wanderer Wednesday!  Jessica has some amazing trips and her photography is "ohhh-worthy"- go and check her out!

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