Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Tuesday Travel Tips (Beach & Car Rides)

Since starting this fun site, I have received numerous travel tips from you, the readers, and wanted to find a way to showcase them all.  So, welcome to our first week of:

I received a few super ideas for keeping kiddos occupied & on their best behavior while on long car rides:

Easy to Earn a buck, if you try:
While on long trips, we start each morning by giving each child $3-5 one dollar bills.  A dollar is lost for each complaint, argument, whine, etc. that we hear.  If they end the day with no issues, they get to keep their money.  If not, hopefully they will learn to behave better the next day!
Jan from Williamsville, IL

I tried this recently on a 5-state drive with my 10 & 8 year olds and it worked beautifully!!!

In the kitchen or the bathroom?  Can you eat it?
My family likes to play 20+ questions on trips using something from our home.  It has to be visible (not in a cabinet or closet) but nothing is off limits.  It has been from the little ribbon on a plate to large pieces of furniture.  My now adult child still likes to get in the game.

And after reading the Top 10 Beach No-Nos, many of you had creative ideas:

Need a Quick Rinse before lunch?
Bring an inflatable baby pool or inflatable boat to fill with water to keep under your beach umbrella.  It's a great way to keep the kids out of the sun for a bit and rinse your hands before you eat a snack.
Jen from Round Rock, TX

Ohhh...You Smell as Fresh as a Baby
One tip to help with the sand....baby powder!  MAGIC!  It is a staple in our beach bags along with the sunscreen.  Works great to get the sand off to enjoy a sand-free 'sand'wich!
Angie from Newport News, VA

Thanks guys for all the great tips!  If you have a super idea to make traveling easier, please send me an email!

We would LOVE to feature you!


Connie Weiss said...

Baby Powder! What a great tip!

MiMi said...

Baby powder?! Never would've thunk it!!
Also, we play 20 questions. :)