Friday, August 26, 2011


Friday Daydreamin: 8.26.11

Hello and welcome to Friday Daydreamin'! Are you ready to end this week with a little "vacation photo hoppin'"?  Well, after the first week of school, our house could use some down time.  Which is why Friday Daydreamin' is the perfect way to start your weekend off right!  So, link up your photo, grab a cup of coffee, and off you go!

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Even though I lived in Central Illinois for a few years, AND go back to visit at least once a year, I have never made a point to visit Abraham Lincoln's tomb.  As the kids and I were up north for several weeks this summer, we took in all the local history - President Lincoln's home, his law office, the courthouse he practiced in, and yes, we finally made it to his burial site.  

While there, we all participated in the local folklore that by rubbing Mr. Lincoln's nose, we would receive good luck.  You can see all the rubbing poor Mr. Lincoln's nose gets, as it is nice and polished!  As the baby watched his older brother & sister rub away, he insisted in joining in the fun.  

So Bubba, here's to your good luck!

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Shawn said...

Hi nose looks like the spot on the Blarney Stone that has been kissed my millions of people, myself included.

You're such a good Mamma taking them to such wonderful and educational places!

Impulsive Addict said...

I seriously need to rub his nose for some good luck!!! But who will lift me? I forgot your cute button on my post! You should have told me! But I fixed it. =)

Happy Friday!!!

Lisa said...

Love it - he looks so pleased with himself!!

MiMi said...

Haaa!! I love it!

AndreaLeigh said...

I don't think Jason has ever been there, and he lived in IL all his life. Ha! What a great trip for the kids. You and Bubba are so cute!

AMY said...

Hi Becca.....awesome blog!
I found you through Impulsive Addict and have linked up to your Friday Daydreamin post.
I'm a new follower.
Amy's Life @

Camels & Chocolate said...

Ha, I love that your little guy is honking Honest Abe's nose!