Friday, September 9, 2011


Friday Daydreamin': 9.9.11

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This week's Daydream is full of lovin' me tender, teddy bears, and jailhouse rockin'....yep, I am like every other cliche' of a tourist.  I went to Graceland this summer.  My sweet 10 year old's favorite 4th grade teacher LOVED Elvis, so when she caught wind of us driving through Memphis, she insisted we stop by. 

And I'm glad we did - Sparkled Jumpsuits, mirrored ceilings, and all......  We laughed at the gaudy rooms in their 70's decor and solemnly talked about the impact he had on music and how sad it was that he died so young.  Just me & my girl went.  It was one-on-one time that I will never forget.   I only hope there is more days like this to come.

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Date Girl said...

Oh that's funny, I was just watching a CMT cribs and they had a special of Elvis's house. We were cracking up at the hideous decor. Avocado kitchen! The outside is gorgeous though!

Myya said...

No way is it cliche, it is American history by golly! I'd love to do it one day. What a fun thing to experience with your daughter :)

Shawn said...

I love that you love your 10 year old so tender!

I've really had no interest in Elvis, but I'm glad y'all had such great time together, that's all that really matters anyway!

Connie said...

Elvis was a little bit before my time....but I would still love to see his house!

My linky won't link. :(

Impulsive Addict said...

We drove by Elvis' pad at nighttime. Girl, it's like the ghetto over there around his crib! I was scared! We decided stopping wasn't an option and headed back to the casinos (in Tunica). I would have LOVED to see the inside! Could you take pics?

AndreaLeigh said...

how fun! this is such a great idea for a field trip for the kids. I know they have no idea who elvis is, but it is important to know someone who had such an impact on the evolution of music and performance.

Chrissy said...

What a fun trip! I would love to take a trip to Graceland.

Mommy of 2 said...

I am the biggest Elvis fan, I've always dreamed of Graceland!

Lisa said...

It's so much fun to have one on one time with your kids! I hope you were able to convince her that Elvis was WAY bigger than Justin Bieber.

Renewal by Kelly said...

I lived in Memphis for 2 years, and taught at a high school down the street. It is definately not the nicest part of town, but that house is amazing!