Sunday, September 11, 2011


I {Heart} NY

In my former life, I worked in Pharmaceutical Sales.  The company I worked for was located in New York.  In 13 years, I traveled quite a bit to the Big Apple.  And no matter if the trip was for business, or pleasure (mostly business), I always found time to squeeze in some fun.

ohhing over the Christmas Tree in Rockerfeller Center
 ice skating at Rockerfeller Center
 watching the snow fall outside my hotel window...
 catching a show...or two...
trying to catch a glimpse of Matt Lauer....
or visiting the site of the World Trade Centers

I love New York City.  I love the hustle and bustle.  I love the fast pace and unique fun.  I love encountering different cultures and amazing foods.  I love the accents.  I love the shopping. I love the subway.  I love Broadway.  I love a cold windy day.  I love the pizza. I love Central Park.

But mostly?

I love their resiliency.

I {heart} New York.


Our Mom Spot said...

Awesome pics!

Gigi Baby said...

Hi ok so I was checking out different blogs n came across yours n the first blog i see is i love nyc n i LOVE IT!!!! you said you love the accents right well check out my page n see my accent vlog lol!!! New follower!!!

Loves and likes ya <3

Jessica said...

I was watching the Cowboys lose (boo) in New York last night and they were featuring the best parts of New York. I,too, love NY and its spirit. Love the BW photos, as well. Great images.

Myya said...

What a great post Becca! Beautiful pictures!