Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Tuesday Travel Tips: Reader Suggestions

Time for another round of reader-submitted travel tips.

Let the Kids Help Out
Angela & her family take a family vacation every year.  During the year, they have a 'travel jar" in the kitchen; everyone is encouraged to put in loose change or money earned from chores whenever they can.  This way, the children feel that they contributed to financing the vacation too.
Angela, California

I Can See Them
Watching 3 kids on vacation is not easy, so Jan has come up with her own solution.  Her children all wear the same bright colored hats, and always set a meeting place in case someone gets lost - not just at Disney World, but at a local movie theater too.
Jan, Vermont

2 Full Containers of Wipes? Yes!
Take double the amount of accessories for the car (such as tissues, wipes, little snacks, books, movies) - if you lose supplies or use more than you expected, you won't have to stop for more.
Kimberly, Texas

Kids Still Need Responsibility on the Road
Just because the kids are away form home, doesn't mean they can 't help out.  We try to make it fun.  Assign each child a number.  Have a jar or container full of slips of papers with their numbers on them from which they must draw to see who will clean out the backseat, bring the bags in, and other odd jobs.  We also use this system for fun things,like who gets to push the elevator button, who gets to sit in the very back, etc.  Our family loves it!
Cindy, Washington

Look MOM!  A fridge full of food!
Explain that the food and drinks in the mini-bar cost quite a bit of money and make your own rules regarding its use.  My kids are always fascinated by the treasure trove of goodies in each hotel minibar - we don't want to pay $7 for a candy bar, so we have told the kids that "even if they pick it up, the weight sensors will know this and we will get charged for it automatically."  A little fib that saves us a lot with our curious kids.
Katherine, Texas

Thanks everyone for these great tips!  If you have a tip you'd like to share, please leave it in the comments below or email us at rebecca@rwethereyetmom.com


Lisa said...

Love the tip about having kids contribute loose change to a travel jar!

Date Girl said...

Great ideas! I love the travel jar and the chore list, but making it fun. I agree that kids need to help out no matter where you are. Otherwise it's not that much fun for mom and dad!

Anonymous said...

This makes me want to go on vacation. (Too bad I recently got back from one, lol.)

I NEVER leave my house without baby wipes---and my youngest 'baby' is almost five! That's a crucial supply for travel.