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A Good Old Fashioned Road Trip!

I just love hearing about Road trips!  I don't see them taken as much anymore, flying is just so much faster.  But there is something so great about packing up the car and heading out for a week.  

I love hearing the below story coming from Rosemary.  Rosemary, a Face book fan, took a recent road trip down the east coast and wanted to tell us all about it!

This was our first vacation as a family and our first honest-to-goodness vacation in nine years. Needless to say, we were thrilled but also a little apprehensive as to how things would go during the drive to our destinations: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and Savannah, Georgia.

Our boys are seven and five, so we were brainstorming prior to the trip about how to keep them occupied on our travels. Turns out that good old fashioned conversation, singing, books, I Spy, and frequent breaks for the bathroom, snacks, and meals were really all we needed. A miracle, to be sure! Don't get me wrong. We did hear our share of whining and bickering. And, it took only an hour into the trip to hear "Mom, are we there yet?"

Our first stop was Myrtle Beach. This place is truly family friendly, with endless things to keep folks busy. We spent most of our time playing in the ocean, but also found some time to enjoy a trip in the Sky Wheel, a Ferris wheel that began opeation in May 2011. It's temputure-controlled and rides as smooth as silk. You get great views of the boardwalk and the ocean. I was told it operates year-round.

The other highlight of our trip was a tour with Carolina Safari Jeep Tours ( This was a great experience, as we were able to see many things off the beaten path, such as Huntington Beach State Park. The park boasts the rarity of a freshwater lagoon directly next to a salt marsh. We were able to see alligators and numerous birds and a beautiful forest and unspoiled beach. On the tour, we were also taken to a cemetary, plantation, and to other spots of interest to most children and adults. The tour guide was fantastic. He had a great manner with the children, too.
 The sunrises and sunsets are not to be missed!

We packed up after our three days were up and headed to quite possibly one of our favorite places ever--Savannah. I could go on and on about the city's beauty and the manners and the charm of the people who reside there, but it's really something you should experience for yourself. We statrted with a sunset tour around the city. It provided a thorough and kid-approved history of this delightful place. The following day, we drove a short distance to Tybee Island for a dolphin-watching tour. We were not disappointed! Within just a few minutes of setting sail, we met up with numerous dolphins, all too eager to follow our boat and show off their antics for a crew of delighted people! After the tour, we headed over to Fort Pulaski, which is on Cockspur Island ( There's a drawbridge over a moat, numerous cannons, and lovely views all around. The fort is quite large and provides for a fantastic history lesson.

The next day (and the day after) proved to be the highlight for our boys. We spent a good deal of time at the Roundhouse Railroad Museum ( Your passes are good for multiple days, I believe. There are many train cars of the period for viewing, some of which you can tour. The turntable was a huge hit, as was the train car (a caboose, I think) that has been converted into a play area for the younger set. It's air-conditioned, too!

On our final, full day in Savannah, my wonderful husband took the boys to The Flying Frogs (, an indoor playground with games, food, and all the stuff kids love. I'm a photographer, so he wanted to give me some time to walk around the city alone to take pictures of the beautiful homes, churches, squares, and people that make Savannah the lovely place it is. The Flying Frogs received three enthusiastic thumbs up!

On leaving Savannah, we visited Bonaventure Cemetary, which is on the banks of the Wilmington River. A breath-taking place, full of beauty, peace, and history. The boys really enjoyed seeing this landmark.

Don't go through Savannah without taking the kiddos to Leopold's Ice Cream ( They just celebrated 92 in business. I can definitely see why they have been around for so long!

Wishing you happy travels!

Thanks Rosemary! I loved hearing all about your trip!  And your pictures are fantastic! If you'd like to share your travels, please send me an email (, we'd love to feature you!

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