Thursday, October 13, 2011


One Girl's View on Atlantis (Part II)

Yesterday, Ashlei took all of us on a fun trip to a little beach resort called Atlantis.  Today, she tells us more about her time there.....

Urban Legend… the food prices
Ok, so we are back to the budget. I love to go out to dinner with the hubby and friends…. Sushi, steakhouse, etc. so I didn’t have complete sticker shock. (My Daddy says that the only thing I know how to make is reservations) They sell a dining plan, which is a little like Disney and little not.. It wasn’t for us so we decided to go freestyle. The only problem is that ALL of the reservations are taken. Unless you want to eat at 5 or 9.

Here’s the scoop from the places we went.
Carmines: Just like New York but the buildings nicer! Scored 2 seats at the bar.. It is served family style which means you have to somewhat agree on what to order. Feeling generous, I tell Hubby to order whatever he likes and I will share it. So we order the chicken parmigiano. The people next to us have a casserole dish of something yummy, and the other have a small platter of deliciousness . So we wait, and wait., and wait. What could be so long? OMG They bring out of food and it is enough to be Thanksgiving dinner. OMG…6 chicken breast and pounds of pasta… I heard people gasp when they set it down. Deslish, but who‘s gonna eat all this! We ate dinner and leftovers for lunch… and then threw some away. 3 cocktails, stuffed mushrooms, and this entrĂ©e with 15% gratuity… $115’ish

Seafire Steakhouse: Scored 2 seats at the bar again! This was soooo good. I had an Asparagus and lobster salad, hubby had an incredible steak with 2 yummy sides.. 4, 5 ,or 6 cocktails later…who’s counting? Bill was $150’ish. Don’t miss this one. One of the best dinners I’ve had in a long time.
Lunch is grab something from one of the stands.. Variety of options at different things. Don’t like what you have to choose from at one? Go to the other stand, and they will have something different. The usual prices $10 -$15 or so for a meal. Sodas $4, cocktails $10, etc. If you’ve been to Disney, you know this one well.
We did leave the property 2 nights to go to local favorites,  The Poop Deck and The Fish Fry. Cabs are about $4 per person each way. We had fried fish, grilled shrimp, lobster, appetizer, etc. at a restaurant at the Fish Fry for about $65.. Food for thought…

Night life.. With kids?
They do have a nightlife at Atlantis, if you like to club or gamble. We spent our evenings at the Marina walking around having a cocktail or Ben & Jerry’s with Pookie. We can gamble or club here in our town so it’s kind of a bus driver’s vacation. They do have a “seasonal” place called Club Rush for 6-12 year olds, and another for older teens. The little one’s have one during daytime hours or you can hire a babysitter. My girl was ready to play and NOT have dinner with us old people, and decided to try Club Rush. Let me explain how wound tight I am about leaving my one and only. I hear it gets better with more kids, but I will NEVER know. So after a THOROUGH interrogation of their policies and safety, and much reassurance by the staff, I left her. I painstakingly waited 2 hours to get her, to find her perfectly safe and HAPPY. Yep, a dinner of Funyuns and soda, computers, movies, and wacky dress up. What more could you ask for at 10? If you want to know how freaked out I was… we went back 2 nights later and they knew me when I walked in… maybe a little therapy would help, ya think?

1. Have a plan. No, I don’t mean plan your waking hours. I mean have a plan for times when you split up. For instance, I stayed by the pool in the water park and they went to slide. Up comes a lightning storm and everyone has to get out. They are on one end and I am on the other now. How will you EVER find each other??? Trust me on this one.. Have a plan. A solid one .. Not one of those “oh we will meet over at that hotel” You will NEVER find each other. It’s not like meeting at Cinderella’s Castle. This is WAY beyond that. I took one for the team on this one for you ladies.

2. The Dolphin Encounter is a great family experience. It is costly, and the picture thing is a nightmare, but it was a highlight of our trip. Don’t book something your kids are going to be scared to do. Less is more!

3. Don’t plan every moment. Do what you feel like doing. Go with the flow. It’s the Bahamas!

4. Bring kids who have a sense of adventure. This isn’t for kids who fear big drops, rides, don’t like the beach, etc. Wait a little while till they are ready.

5. Get a room with a kitchen of some sort. Spending $10 for a box of waffles for breakfast is WAY cheaper, faster, and easier than a $25 buffet for each of you and your 10 year old to only eat a muffin. We didn’t encounter the buffets. Just wasn’t feeling it.

6. Use the transportation option or don’t. Lots of cabs available and cost about the same. We did it and the company showed up for our “shuttle” with an 11-passenger van. FULL except the backseat. Now I don’t know about your hubby, but mine is 6’3 and the seats don’t fold up. You get the picture. Going home, we were the first on and had tons of space and a DELIGHTFUL driver. She gave us a little history and tour on our way.

Go to the Atlantis at least once....when the time is right for your family. Don’t pay full sticker price, and have a FABULOUS time with champagne taste on a beer budget!

Thanks Ashlei for the great review of a fun family resort!

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I'd love to go....but I think my husband and I will both have to win the lottery!

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That is so awesome and the more I read the more jealous I become lol smh awesome!!!

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