Thursday, October 13, 2011


Friday Daydreamin': 10.14.11

The weather is beginning to cool down a bit here in Texas, which makes me long for those Fall days I used to love when I lived up North.  I love the crispness to the air, I loved the leaves changing colors, and I loved all the wonderful, yummy fall food - chili and hot apple cider anyone?

So, today I am day dreamin' about fall.
When the kids were younger, we took them to an amazing pumpkin farm that had a train, bounce houses, an elaborate hay maze and tons of pumpkins.  It was always such a fun thing to do with the kids. And helped create such fun memories of an afternoon spent together.  

I know we have many visitors to Friday Daydreamin', but not many posters!!  I have heard that a few of you don't feel like you have any vacation photos to post - don't let that stop you!  Vacations are NOT just hopping on a plane to somewhere different!  In our family, vacations can be just down the road at the Inner Space Caverns, a road trip to go see family, our our family dreams of where we'd like to travel to.

Tell us about a favorite local museum you like to visit, your favorite restaurant you went to while traveling, or where your 10-year travel goal takes you!  Daydream about what "vacation" means to you and tell us all about it!!

Ready to Daydream your Friday away? It's simple!
1. Post your favorite vacation picture and tell us a little about it.  
2. Grab the "Friday Daydreamin'" button and link up your post below.
3. Visit some of the other amazing vacation photos that have linked up (and leave some comment love!)!
4. Let the Daydreamin' begin!


Myya said...

I was unsure about posting before because of the very reasons you said people didn't post. You are SO right though, you can daydream about anywhere, even if it is in your own backyard. If it brings you a wonderful memory then it is worth dreaming about! This week I searched for pics so I could do an actual vacation post, next week I won't have to stress so much about it! Thanks for the daydream Becca! :)

Impulsive Addict said...

Yes. Fall please!!! And now I'm craving some hot apple cider!!!!! Yummmmm!

Date Girl said...

I'm daydreamin' about fall too. It was 80 degrees again here, and it's supposed to get hotter over the weekend. Ughhh. I'm ready for cold crisp days. Who wants to go to a pumpkin patch in shorts?!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha. You all need to head to the PacNW. We dove deep into fall on October 1st I feel like. We went from 70s and gorgeous to 55 and dreary. Talk about your 4 seasons. Just wish we got more summer. But I do dream about cider, Ivan's spice wafers, apple cider donuts and finding the perfect pumpkin with my kid each year. Here's to Fall!

Connie said...

I love fall. The colors (I adore orange) and the weather! SWEATERS!!!

I hope you like my post. :)

Lisa said...

We have colourful leaves here but we are never going to get to the pumpking patch unless it stops raining! I'm definitely dreaming about nice, crisp and clear fall days today.

Anonymous said...

Hi Becca!! I'm Sarah Kate! We have a bunch of mutual blogging friends that I've seen do this every Friday, so I decided to join in this week. Thanks for hosting this! :o)

I love your pumpkin patch picture with the little red wagon. That is too cute! I love fall, too. It's definitely feeling like it here in TN! We are headed to a pumpkin patch and corn maze next weekend! :o) Have a great day!

Preparing For Takeoff said...

We are officially into fall here in Pennsylvania-- pumpkin ice cream always marks the beginning of fall for me!

Emmy said...

Oh I so miss a real fall. We are going to go to a pumpkin patch this weekend- can't wait